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Industrial, Eco-Friendly and Other Hot Home Decor Trends for 2015

Industrial, Eco-Friendly and Other Hot Home Decor Trends for 2015

Who’s ready to honor that resolution kick up your home’s style in 2015? We’ve scoured the best of the best when it comes to this year’s décor trends and compiled a list of can-do colors, prints and more that you may want to incorporate into your home in 2015.  

Here are a few of our favorite home décor trends for 2015:

Industrial Chic – From furnishings to light fixtures, who knew that repurposing old furniture or utilizing raw materials actually could modernize a home? In 2015, materials like steel, cast iron and reclaimed wood are perfect for adding an industrial touch to an otherwise ordinary space. Add one or a combination of industrial materials to take your home to the next level of style this year.  

Eco-friendly Everything – In keeping with that industrial theme and an on-going push to go green, eco-friendly continues to be a popular and responsible choice when it comes to home décor. Bamboo, cork and recycled plastic or glass are great options to accent an environmentally-friendly motif! Rustic, earthy prints are also big in 2015.

Smart Choices – Just as wearable technology continues to give us all a more “smart” appearance, appliances have begun to emerge with a little more “built-in” knowledge, too. Smart appliances are HOT and, we are talking about new products like an oven than actually can remember some of your favorite recipes! 

Walk-in Whatever – A home buyer’s wish for walk-in closets isn’t going anywhere in 2015. In fact, today’s trendy buyers may be looking for a home with a whole lot more to “walk-in” to. If you’ve got the space, creating a walk-in pantry or wine room is sure to be an eye-catching addition, whether you’re looking to list your home or live in it!

Mixing Colors – Pantone’s go-to color in 2015 may be an earthy, warm marsala, but accenting with bold, vibrant blues, greens and other bright colors can crank up the cool factor in any home this year. Gray is a great neutral, but can be livened up with colorful rugs, pillows, throws and other home accents.

Pretty Patterns – In a similar way to how you found yourself humming along to every Taylor Swift song you heard on the radio last year, you might find yourself singing the tune of a patterned backsplash or (gasp!) printed wallpaper in 2015. That’s right; the very things you thought you despised are now so hot that you may not be able to resist them! Honestly, you won’t want to try! Animal prints, florals and houndstooth are all happening prints for your home this year.

Metal Mania – If you’ve been told that brushed nickel hardware and fixtures were the way to go in your home in the past, that’s exactly right; in the past, they were. 2015 is all about bringing some brighter metals into your home. Look for gold, brass or even copper fixtures to make a comeback this year.  

The new year offers a lot of options when it comes to stylish home décor. Truly, there is something for everyone in 2015. If you’re a risk-taker, try all the new home trends. If you like play it safe, pick one or two and give your home a fresh feel for the new year.