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Five Ways to Make Your House Stand Out This Summer

Five Ways to Make Your House Stand Out This Summer


The summer home selling season has arrived and with it, there will be a multitude of new homes listed for buyers to browse. Oh no! What does that mean for sellers?! It’s time to put your game face on!

Many buyers are advised to clean, declutter and stage their homes for sale. But, is that enough to make a home stand out in the heat of a congested selling season? Here are five tips that not everyone is talking about this busy selling season – but, they should be!

1. Tour through the Competition

As you’re preparing to list your home, take a walk through a few similar homes that already are on the market. See what home features you’re most attracted to and what décor draws you in. In your own home, try to mimic the features you like and stay away from the things you noticed that you didn’t like. You may be able to create an eye-catching oasis that buyers won’t be able to resist!

2. Complete Your Own Home Inspection

It can be a dreaded part of the closing process or you can give full disclosure right up front. If you’re selling a home this spring, have it inspected before a buyer has to! Sure, you may have a “for sale” sign in your front yard like every other seller out there, but if that little landscaping feature also already has the “inspected by…” sign along with it, you’re one step ahead of many other sellers that have listed their homes. Instead of dreading the inspection process as you head toward closing, have your home inspected before you list and repair any issues the inspector may find!

3. Move Clutter Offsite

Since “decluttering” should be on every home seller’s agenda this selling season, what can you do to further distinguish your home from the others? Totally remove your clutter by taking it offsite! After you pack away personal affects, family photos and other clutter, refrain from storing them in your closest, basement, attic or any other valuable storage space in your home. If possible, give buyers the best-eye-view of your home by taking that clutter to a storage unit or friend’s home while your home is on the market. Closets and other storage areas will appear larger and more appealing to buyers.

4. Coax Buyers In with Curb Appeal

Again, every buyer is given fair warning about curb appeal; we all know it matters, so make sure your lawn and landscaping look pristine and your sidewalks and other walkways are easy to navigate. You can go one step further with curb appeal by adding fresh, seasonal décor. A customized welcome mat may be the memory that sets your home apart for buyers who’ve been browsing homes all day long.

5. Reel ‘Em In with Refreshments

There is no shame in showcasing your culinary skills when it comes to home buyers. If your culinary skills are lacking, showcase your Costco skills and treat prospective home buyers. Literally, give them some treats to enjoy while they’re walking through your home! You can clean up the brownie crumbs once the tour is over. Besides, those crumbs may give a clue as to the features that buyers were most drawn to. The more crumbs you find may equal more time that buyers spent browsing your home!

Selling a home when there is a lot of competition on the market can be tough, but there are ways to make your home stand out among the rest.