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House-hunting with Kids 101 – Tips for the Whole Family


House-hunting with Kids 101 – Tips for the Whole Family

OK, kids...get your coats and get in the van, we're going...house-hunting?  Yes, you read that correctly.  They’re a major concern on your mind when you’re looking at homes for sale; they’re a constant thought when you find a home you think you may be interested in; but, should you take them along when it’s actually time to check out some homes?

There are a million arguments on the pros and cons of bringing the whole family along when you’re looking for a new home.  Yes, the home-buying process can be time-consuming and stressful; but, it can also be fun.  Whatever you decide is best for your family, here are a few pointers on how to successfully include your kids in the home-buying process:

1.  For the same reason we would never suggest visiting more than two or three Disney theme parks in a day, we’re applying the same theory to house hunting.  As if the car rides between each home aren’t stressful enough, any more than a few house tours may be far too taxing for children.  Their initial reactions to a home or natural desire for your attention may also distract you from noticing or not noticing certain aspects of a home.  You could try bringing the whole family along AFTER you’ve narrowed down your prospects.

2. Once you have identified your new-home prospects and you’re ready to involve the whole family, be sure to point out any kid-friendly aspects that your future home or neighborhood may have.  Hey, if you and your spouse still have not 100% agreed on a home, maybe the kids can be the tie-breaker?  That pool in the backyard or the finished basement could be a major selling point for them!

3. Speaking of the finished basement, which would make an awesome guestroom, give children a task while you’re out viewing homes – like counting the number of rooms, for instance!  A specific duty may help keep them focused while you’re touring homes.  Maybe they’ll see potential you didn’t even realize your future home had?

4. In addition to keeping children busy by giving them a helpful task, make sure they understand the rules when you’re visiting homes.  Though the rules may seem like common sense, just like you, your children can get excited when they’re browsing their new space.  Remind them that running and touching things are not allowed.  You, your agent and the seller will be glad you did.

5. Finally, do yourself and your kids a favor when you’re out touring potential new homes:  offer distractions.  Whether it’s lunch at their favorite restaurant, an afternoon stop at the park or even bringing their favorite toy along, give them something else to do when the home-buying process becomes too much.  Ask an agent about kid-friendly options in the area.

House-hunting is hectic enough.  When you add children to the mix, you’ve got to be prepared.  Making sure kids are actively involved and not overly stressed is one way to make the home-buying process more enjoyable for the whole family!