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House Hunting – A Classic Battle of the Sexes?

House Hunting – A Classic Battle of the Sexes?


Whether you’re interested in buying or selling a home or just looking for an interesting piece of trivia to share at your next cocktail party, you may want to consider the home-buying preferences of men versus women.

If you’re buying a home – you should know what you’re looking for.  If you’re selling – wouldn’t it be nice to know what your buyers want to see?  If you’re just looking for trivia – well, here goes:

Let’s think stereotypically… men want a big garage and yard to tinker in.  Oh yes, and that ever-popular man-cave.  Of course, women want a big kitchen, a walk-in closet and, well, some flowers would be nice… right?

[Insert “incorrect” buzzer sound here.]

Recent surveys of men and women searching for new homes show that in many areas, the buying preferences of men and women don’t actually differ much at all.

In fact, a couple surveys suggest that the high-end-granite-countertop-stainless-steel-appliance-kitchen preference goes to… men!  Now, women aren’t far behind, but for the most part, their eyes are actually more fixed on the master bedroom and bathroom than they are on kitchen.  When it does come to the kitchen, women are more concerned with how well it flows into other rooms where they may want to entertain or watch over the kids.

As it turns out, the surveys actually confirmed some of the stereotypes, too.  Yes, size does matter for men – garage size, yard size and even square footage.  Men also still yearn for that “man cave” or just a space to call their own.  And, most women do want their closet space and a nice garden.

Other interesting points that the home-buying surveys revealed were that women relied more on the emotions they got when they looked at a home, whereas men relied more on the facts.  Regardless of whether you think emotion or fact is a more valid way to select a home, you should also know that, among couples, it was the woman’s opinion that counted the most when couples were ready to buy.

So… hands down, ladies… this battle of the sexes goes to you!

The moral?  Buyers – talk before you walk – through a home that is.  Sellers – know your potential buyers.  Trivia seekers – eh, nevermind!