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Hot Tips to Warm Up Buyers During a Winter Open House

Hot Tips to Warm Up Buyers During a Winter Open House

Remember that warm, festive feeling you had when you saw that pristine, white snow falling during the holiday season? Remember how quickly that feeling faded as soon as the calendar read January 1?

Whether you like to see snow falling outside your window or not, winter weather can pose some serious obstacles when it comes to selling a house during this season. Though it is widely accepted that fewer buyers are searching for a home in winter, it is also widely agreed that the pool of buyers who are looking for homes in winter typically are serious and ready to buy.

So, what can you do to warm up buyers to your home during winter? An inviting open house may be all it takes to turn heads toward your sale!

Here are six ways to prepare for your wintertime open house:

Shovel the snow. Even during a snowy winter, curb appeal matters; and, when you’re trying to sell your home during this season, keeping your driveway, walkways and street snow-and-ice-free is an important task. First of all, your home will look well-pruned once you remove some snow. Secondly, it will be much safer for potential buyers to get inside to look around. Remember, they’ve got to be able get to the front door to come inside! So, shovel, de-ice and create as much parking as you can to prepare for your winter open house.


Remove their shoes. Although you may remove as much snow and ice as you can before an open house, potential buyers probably will enter your home with wet shoes and they likely will be wearing bulky winter coats. It is a good idea to provide a rug or mat for them to wipe off their feet and a coat rack, so they can remove their coats and comfortably browse through your home. Take those gestures one step further by providing a few cozy pairs of slippers for guests to put on when they take off their shoes!


Keep it toasty. If you’re trying to sell your home during the long, cold winter, you may have to throw your energy-conserving, low-heating-bill ways to the wayside… at least when you know your home is going to be shown. The perfect way to make potential buyers forget about the cold outside is to keep them warm inside! During a winter open house, keep the temperature in your home at or above 70 degrees to create a comfortable environment for buyers to explore.


Warm up their tastes. Another sure-fire way to warm the souls of potential buyers during a winter open house? Serve up some simmering coffee, hot chocolate or spiced apple cider. Couple those warm beverages with a tasty treat like cookies or brownies and your home may instantly appear a little sweeter.


Lighten things up. Not only does the winter season bring cold weather, it also brings a shorter period of daylight to showcase your home. For a winter open house, allowing in as much light as possible can be more difficult than it is in the summertime. Help light up your home by keeping your windows squeaky clean and opening up your drapes. Plus, let’s not forget that from the inside looking out, winter weather really is beautiful!


Cancel in case of inclement weather. Speaking of that winter weather outside, keep a close eye on it when your open house is near. Although it may be inconvenient to cancel your open house and reschedule, if weather experts are calling for another Snowmageddon, Snownami or a personal favorite, SNOWMG, don’t be afraid to make the executive decision of rescheduling your open house. Potential buyers may not want to brave the storm to see your home, but they are likely to appreciate your concern for their safety!   

When it comes to hosting a winter open house, a little preparation goes a long way in helping prospective buyers feel at home. Keeping cold weather conditions outside and providing some hospitality inside are great ways to help buyers warm up to your home before spring weather ever arrives!