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Hosting this Year's Fireworks? Four Tips for a Fabulous 4th!


Hosting this Year's Fireworks? Four Tips for a Fabulous 4th!

Whether you’ve just moved in to a new home or this was the year that you were finally able to complete your ultimate outdoor space – including that multi-level deck and brick fire pit – the 4th of July is a great time to show off your home’s features by hosting an outdoor party for family and friends.

But, how can you make sure that your ultimate soiree doesn’t deplete all the hard work you put in to making your backyard an entertaining mecca?

Here are four ways to prep your backyard before your 4th of July party – so you don’t have so much clean-up after the fireworks are over:

Make ‘Em Go, “Oh, Oh, Oh”

Roll out the green carpet for your guests. No, you don’t need to lay sod throughout your entire yard, but do try to treat any bare spots that may exist before your guests get a glance. Showing your yard a little attention before the party will make sure any barefoot traffic, blazing sunlight or back-yard fireworks don’t wreak havoc on your handy-work.

Come On, Let Your Colors Burst

You’ve already pruned your shrubs for the party, so show off those perfectly-trimmed hedges by adding some inexpensive low-voltage lighting. You’ll also help make sure your guests don’t fall down that new, decorative staircase. Plus, adding some landscaping lighting will help set the mood and citronella candles can help deter any uninvited pests from showing up to the party.

Don’t Leave ‘Em Falling Down

If this isn’t your deck’s debut (or even if it is), check the boards to make sure there are no tripping hazards or splintering pieces. Look for loose railing, nail pops and decaying wood. Don’t forget to make sure your patio is pristine, too. Mildew and moss make for a slippery surface. A little pre-attention can not only save you from playing nurse during your party, it will save you from costly after-party repairs.

Come On, Show ‘Em What You’re Worth

It’s the first lesson taught in Party-Hosting: 101, but it’s so easy to forget… enjoy your party! If your guests see that you’re having a good time, they will, too - after all, it’s a celebration. Enjoy it!

Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July!

For more ways to prep your home for the perfect 4th of July party: