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Hop to it! It's Time to Let Easter Take Over Your Home Decorating!

Hop to it! It's Time to Let Easter Take Over Your Home Decorating!

We’re hopping right to Easter this weekend. So, let’s focus on how your home can reflect the brightness of the spring season with a special Easter touch.

Here are a few easy ways to make Easter spring up throughout your home this week:

1. Start with an Egg-ceptional Entry

Whether you’re hosting this year’s Easter feast or just preparing for a special visit from Peter Cottontail, a great way to festively welcome your holiday visitors is by freshening up your front porch or front door. You can easily do this by adding some fresh, potted flowers to spruce up your curb appeal. Then, by the time your guests reach your front door, you can WOW them with a living wreath, full of your favorite spring flowers. For an added touch of Easter, consider adding brightly-colored chicks, eggs or bunnies to your front door décor.

2. Give Traditional Colored Eggs a Modern Twist

Coloring Easter eggs is a favorite pastime for this spring holiday; but, have you considered incorporating those decorative eggs into your home’s Easter décor? There are many ways to add a contemporary flair to your colored eggs this year. A few of our favorite ways include adding touches of glitter to brighten up already-pretty pastel eggs, creating Easter egg garland to string throughout your house or using those beautiful colored eggs as place settings for this year’s Easter dinner.

3. Swap the Easter Egg Hunt for a Dinner Table Hunt

If your Easter festivities include an outdoor egg hunt, or even if they don’t, spice up your dinner experience by serving this year’s Easter feast outside, where your guests can enjoy Mother Nature’s splendor. She can provide those early spring blossoms while you decorate your dinner table to the nines! Fresh flowers, Easter eggs and candy place settings are easy ways to help bring the holiday to your table. The dinner table is a also a great place to showcase your children’s decorating talents by letting them help to make festive holiday banners or place settings.

4. Hang Your Spring Things by the Mantel with Care

You may not have considered your mantel place as a focal point for your spring or Easter décor; but, why can’t it be? You don’t have to see those flickering flames to add warmth to your Easter celebration. In fact, you might be surprised how some signs of spring can really lighten up your home all on their own! Fresh greens, pastel eggs and some chicks can add a chic touch to your home this Easter. You can also embellish grass highlights onto ordinary candles to bring spring’s light to your mantel.

5. Let New Spring Trends Influence Old Easter Décor

Don’t forget to let this year’s spring decorating trends shine among your Easter décor. You can spice up some traditional, old flower vases by wrapping them with bright, floral wallpaper. Remember, it is OK to mix springy patterns as well. You’ve also probably heard of decorating an Easter tree, which can be done with almost any tree. Pussy willows or other springy floral branches can add a contemporary twist to this classic look. Get creative with your Easter decorations and show off your flair for modern trends!

6. Decorate the Bunny Trail All the Way to the Bathroom

Whether it is Easter dinner or simply Grandma and Grandpa stopping over to watch the kids hunt for eggs or play on Easter morning, don’t forget to add some Easter hues to your bathroom, too. Fresh flowers, pastel hand towels or even some eggs, chicks or bunnies are a great way to add a basket full of holiday cheer to your bathroom. .

7. Make Your Ordinary - Eggs-trarodinary!

This Easter, use your DIY skills to turn your everyday cake pedestals, pitchers and vases into holiday centerpieces! Purchasing some fresh flowers or mosses will give those plain ceramic or glass items a bright, fresh feel for your family get-together. If you’ve collected extra Easter baskets throughout the years, put them to beautiful use by potting your fresh flowers there for an especially festive feel.

8. Allow Your DIY Décor to Hop Out the Door

Using old baskets to make new floral arrangements? Decorating delicate eggs for personalized place settings? Delighting your guests with sweet, chocolate candy treats? You can (and should) use your parting gifts as part of your Easter decorating scheme. That way, your hard work will not only be on display throughout the Easter season, but your family and friends can enjoy it long after they leave as well.

Besides, nothing says Happy Easter more than a little basket of love from that special some-bunny!