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Home Security: Safeguarding Your New Home from Theft

Home Security: Safeguarding Your New Home from Theft

Moving into a new home is an exciting time. Your mind is spinning with plans for your new kitchen curtains, bathroom remodeling, and closet organization. But everyone knows that moving can also be exhausting. From packing to financing your home, you’ve got a lot to plan. In the mumble and jumble of moving, don’t forget to create a strong game plan for your home security. From choosing your home to settling in, home security should be top priority.

Choosing the Right Home

When choosing a home, consider both the security threats and advantages of each property. Tall trees are beautiful, but if they are too close to the home they pose a security threat. Anything that could give access to the second floor of the house should be thoughtfully considered. Examine doors that lead to the outside – the best doors are lined heavily and have strong lock security. Even the lighting in and outside of your home can have an effect on your home safety. Although most security threats can be resolved, there are some that cannot. Check criminal and theft records in the neighborhood before sealing the deal. If you’re in a heavy crime area, it may be difficult to repel burglary no matter what precautions you take.

Repair Locks

Before moving into your new home, repair and install proper security. Repair any broken or damaged locks; consider updating traditional locks to keypads or other more modern security systems. Install reliable locks on all doors, windows, and even skylights. Resolving security threats before moving into your home will ensure that you start out on the right foot.

Build-In Security

Aside from locks, there are many other ways to prepare your home against potential theft. If you are building your own home, ask your contractor about hidden wall safes, floor safes, or hidden rooms or closets where you can keep your most valuable belongings. Properly installed safes are important; if they are built in to your home, they cannot be picked up and carried away like a detached safe could be. Installing hidden doors and cupboards in inconspicuous places can keep your belongings from the eye of a thief.

Be creative –professional burglars have certain places they search for goods. Install a floor safe under a television cabinet or heavy bookshelf, and you can rest assured that no average thief will find your valuables. Installing quality home security before moving in will ensure that you have the optimal places to store your possessions.

Install Alarms

Home security alarms are another great way to keep the bad guys away. As an added bonus, having a quality alarm system will likely lessen your home insurance payment significantly. The best alarms combine in-home movement sensors with alarms for windows and entrance doors in Toronto. Be on the lookout for a security system that is the best fit for your new home. When in doubt, ask your real estate agent for tips.

Create Good Habits

What better time to create good security habits than in a new house? From day one, train yourself and your housemates to lock the doors, shut and lock the windows, and keep belongings in a safe place. Burglaries can happen at any time; when you’re not at home, while you’re asleep, or even as you’re busy watching a movie with your family. Keep all valuables out of sight and away from windows. If the unthinkable happens, you’ll be ready.



Author Byline:

Michael David a freelance journalist and blogger living in New York City. Michael loves writing about DIY projects, home improvement, and garden-related topics.