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Meet Five Real Estate Agents that May Be Right for You!

Meet Five Real Estate Agents that May Be Right for You!

Looking to buy or sell a home? If so, you’ve probably heard a lot about different types of real estate agents. Guess what? What you’ve heard may or may not be true. No one may like to be typecast, but as the saying goes, “if the shoe fits, wear it!”

Today, we’d like to take a fun, yet often factual, look at five different “types” of real estate agents out there. As another famous or infamous saying goes, “everyone has a type.” Actually, that is also often true when it comes to real estate.

Here are five of our favorite real estate types. Could one of these types of agents be a match for your next real estate transaction?

The Old School Agent

Let’s call her Alice or maybe Harold… the old school agent has been around the block for a while and trusts the tried and true tools that have worked throughout his or her career. They know pretty much every in and out of the real estate industry and will play by all the traditional rules when it comes to securing your transaction. It is likely that the old school agent may not be big fan of changing technologies and would rather deal with his or her clients in person and via phone and fax.

Does Alice or Harold sound a lot like you? Perhaps you might work best with an Old School Real Estate Agent.

The Aggressive Agent

If you’ve already begun shopping around for a real estate agent to help with your buying or selling transaction, you’ve undoubtedly crossed paths with an aggressive agent or two. In fact, they’ve likely made it a point to find you! Aggressive agents are those successful agents that’ve that got that swagger. Without a doubt, they’ve got your best interests at heart and they want you to know that… a lot.

If you like a constant flow of communication, and we do mean constant, an Aggressive Real Estate Agent may be the perfect one for you.

The Passive Agent

To every yin, there is a yang, right? Unlike an aggressive agent, the traditionally passive agent won’t bombard you with updates. In fact, at times, when you’re working with a passive agent, you may even wonder what is going on with your transaction. But, don’t be fooled, passive agents are getting the job done; they’re just not giving you the play-by-play of every move they’re making.

Like knowing that your real estate agent is working hard for you, but don’t care to hear about all the details, all of the time? A Passive Real Estate Agent may meet all of your buying or selling needs.

The Modern Agent

OK, trendsetters. Grab your latest Apple devices and get on the road to buying or selling your home. If you can’t be without your smartphone, iPad or other techy gadget, the modern real estate agent may be your best friend. These tech-savvy agents are happy to provide you with updates via text, email or even social media. Need a response from your agent, like yesterday? Because they are constantly connected, modern agents are typically quick to answer any questions you may have throughout the real estate process.

So, if you’re technologically-advanced or wish that you were, a Modern Real Estate Agent may give you that cutting-edge advantage you seek when buying or selling a home.

The New Agent

Because of its many benefits, working in the real estate industry is becoming a popular profession these days. So, it is likely that you may have a friend or family member who has recently been licensed. Enter… the new agent! Among the obvious perks of working with someone you know, working with a new agent usually means that you’re working with someone who has the time to spend with you. You may think a new real estate agent lacks experience, but with a supportive agency behind them, they’ve got a multitude of connections and resources. In fact, most new agents are hungry, eager and excited to work hard for their clients.

Know a friend or family member that has recently received a real estate license? Consider giving a New Real Estate Agent a chance to make your buying or selling dreams come true.

If you don’t believe it types or you’re just not sure who to work with when buying or selling your next home, contact Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices The Preferred Realty to find a professional real estate agent who is perfect for you!