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Greens for The Winter Blues: Best House Plants This Winter

Greens for The Winter Blues: Best House Plants This Winter

Cold weather tends to keep some of us indoors during the long winter months. But there is some hope in battling the cabin fever that can make us feel a little blue.  This winter season, try to add in some pops of color with a little green. Houseplants are a great way to bring some fresh air and greenery into your home during winter.


Fiddle Leaf Fig

The leafy green tree, commonly seen on Instagram will be a great addition to your home this winter! Place it near a window and turn it every so often so that it starts to lean towards the light.  Water when the soil is dry to the touch and you will have a beautiful house plant! The Fiddle Leaf can grow up to six feet or taller, perfect for a large open area!

Snake Plant

Don’t be turned away by this houseplant’s name. The snake plant can be a beautiful addition to your home décor. The fact that it is easy to care for doesn’t hurt either! This plant does well in dry conditions with some sun and occasional water.  Sit it on the floor and watch it grow or place in a windowsill for optimal light! 

Aloe Plant 

You probably already know that this plant’s gel can help soothe burns and cuts. But did you also know that an aloe plant can help soothe cabin fever? This sun-loving plant will help clean the air in your home in addition to showing off its bright green hue.  Fresh aloe is also a great thing to have on hand in the kitchen for soothing minor cuts and burns!

Zebra Plant 

The Zebra is a great succulent for someone with a brown thumb.  They are one of the easiest succulents to grow, require low light, minimal watering, and can be placed in both open spaces like a living room or small, contained spaces like a bathroom. 



Bird’s Nest Fern

Perfect for bathrooms or confined spaces, the Bird’s Nest Fern can be hung or potted, making it a versatile option that can move around your apartment at ease. 


Lavender may be an unconventional indoor plant, but a pot of lavender will add a pop of color and freshen your home far better than an everyday air freshener. Lavender does best in bright light, so place it near a south-facing window that welcomes in plenty of sunshine. 


Iron Plant

If you are looking for a low maintenance house plant, the iron plant can survive in low light, poor soil, and with minimal water, making it one of the most durable indoor plants. The deep green leaves also make for a stunning pop of color in your home.

Looking for something to brighten up your home? Adding some fresh greenery should do the trick.  Whether you have a large open space big enough for a tree or want to put some aloe in your windowsill the benefits of fresh plants will get rid of your winter blues!