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Five Natural Ways to Rid Your Home of Pests.

Five Natural Ways to Rid Your Home of Pests.

We’ve got to let you in a little something that’s been bugging us ever since the weather started to heat up this summer. It’s bugs… creepy, crawly, winged or without, we’re taking serious issue with those pesky creatures that come in swarms each summer.

But, drowning the ants, mosquitos, flies and other insects in harmful chemicals can’t be the only way to keep your home pest-free, right?

Here are five ways you can kill your summer pest problems with a little kindness:

1. Keep Your Home Clean and Dry

Creepy creatures love your leftovers. So, when they find even a few crumbs, they can come flocking. To prevent bugs like ants and fruit flies from taking over your kitchen, keep loose pantry items like dry ingredients, open cookie boxes or chips sealed in plastic bags. Make a habit of wiping your kitchen counters after meals and before bedtime. Also, be sure to empty the kitchen sink and load the dishwasher each night. Simply, if you don’t want to invite insects over for dinner, don’t leave your table scraps laying around!

2. Block Their Entrances

You’ve heard “the ants go marching one by one…” song before, but you can halt a group of ants from marching into your home by sealing off their access points. Add caulking around any gaps in window or door frames (you’ll also be helping your home to be more energy-efficient!). You may also love feeling a summer breeze blow into your home, but keeping screens in your windows will prevent winged pests like mosquitos and flies from paying you an unwanted visit.

3. Use Your Spices for More than Cooking

You can find an awesomely au naturel way to defeat ants, mosquitoes, flies and more by simply selecting the right spices! Vinegar has been proven to deter ants and fruit flies from coming near. In fact, ants shy away from a number of spices, like cinnamon, lemon, parsley and peppermint. Flies are not fans of basil; and, lavender may smell lovely, but not to mosquitos! Do you have the right spices to create a bug-repelling recipe?

4. Recycle

Instead of using your old newspapers for swatting flies, recycle them! Though you may have felt like you recycled yours into an effective fly swatter, you may also have created a little bed for some bugs! Just think of all of those pages you like to flip through as blanket after blanket after blanket for pests. Leaving old newspapers laying around can be like creating tiny campsites for pests! Put up a few “no vacancy” signs by regularly recycling!

5. Take Them Out with the Trash

Talk about pest removal! There are various creepy creatures that would love to make a homey habitat in your trash can. Keep bugs out of the trash by sealing garbage cans with a lid. If you can’t do that, get into the habit of taking out the trash at the end of each day. Finally, go the extra mile to get rid of pests that may feed off of trash leftovers by cleaning your garbage cans with soap and water once a week.

Yes, it may be true that store-bought pest repellents will do the job, but they also can do damage to your health. Instead of using harsh chemicals to rid your home of pesky bugs, be less mean and go for a green bug-removal option for your home this summer!