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Give Mom a Mother’s Day She’ll Remember: Gift Ideas that Really Hit Home

Give Mom a Mother’s Day She’ll Remember: Gift Ideas that Really Hit Home


Mother’s Day is quickly approaching (yes, it’s this Sunday!) and if you’ve forgotten to pick out the perfect gift, your finances don’t exactly fit the gift you have in mind or you’re looking for an out-of-the-box way to show your mom how much you care this year, give a little thought to what you could do for Mom around her home.

Spring is the perfect season for sprucing up the home, so your mom may be more flattered with a little home help than she would be if you bought her another gift anyway!

Here are five fabulous Mother’s Day ideas for helping your mom out at home:

Plant, Weed, Mulch and Mow

Flowers always are a popular Mother’s Day gift idea, but instead of just handing your mom a bouquet this year, do her an ultimate favor by planting and wedding her flowerbed, then adding this year’s mulch. Make sure she has a perfect view of your handiwork by mowing her grass, too. Planting a tree in your mom’s yard is also a great gift idea that will allow her to see your love year-round.

Wash, Wax and Vacuum

This is a particularly great idea for any moms who are regularly toting kids from toddlers to teenagers! Trust us; no matter what condition Mom’s car is in, she would be thrilled if it were just a bit cleaner. If that detailing work comes from one of the little angels who contributes to the mess of French fries, toys and candy wrappers that often cover the floor or one who tenderly leaves their muddy footprints on the back of Mom’s seat, she may not get so angry the next time something else is launched in her direction on the way to soccer practice!

Sweep, Dust, Scrub and Polish

Moms are often the ones who keep the house so clean. Even if you’re used to doing things like making your bed and helping out with the laundry or if you no longer live at home at all, a great way to say “thank you” to Mom is to take up her cleaning tasks. She’ll likely notice your help no matter how you can pitch in, but try to do the chores that you know are her least favorites… polish the china, scrub the floors or tackle the bathroom tile. If you’re up for it, impress your mom by cleaning her whole house from top to bottom!

Cook, Serve and Clean-Up

Making Mom breakfast in bed is a nice surprise to start her Mother’s Day off right; but, if you’d like to really knock her socks off, plan a full day’s worth of meals for your mom! You can start with a simple breakfast in bed, plan a picnic lunch for the entire family and take over the kitchen for a four-course feast at dinner. Don’t forget; it’s Mom’s day. You’re in charge of everything from prep work through clean up!

Hush, Lull and Be Still

You’ve likely heard that moms, particularly those who spend a lot of time at home with young children, rarely even have enough alone time to go to the bathroom by themselves. Sometimes the simplest gift you can give your mom is silence! Allowing mom a few hours to relax at home or sending her to a spa while you complete one or more of the other tasks on our list could allow her a few sane moments to really reflect on what an awesome family she has!

Without a doubt, a mother’s love is often what helps to make a house a home. Don’t let this Mother’s Day pass without showing your mom that you acknowledge and appreciate just how much she does for you and your home!

From the entire Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices The Preferrred Realty family, we wish all of the very deserving moms out there a happy Mother’s Day!