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Generation Y-E-S: Ways to Appeal to Young Homebuyers

Generation Y-E-S: Ways to Appeal to Young Homebuyers

If you’re selling a home in today’s real estate market, the chances are good that you’re not marketing your home to mom and pop. In fact, the bulk of today’s homebuyers come from Generations X and Y. Of course, just as their tastes in music, fashion and politics often differ from older generations, today’s millennials also have different tastes in home styles.

So, as a seller, what can you do to entice today’s younger buyers? Here are a few things you can do to appeal to younger homebuyers (and, even to some members of older generations, too):

Think techy. Generations X and Y are tech-savvy and they want their homes to be also. Their home searches begin online as they browse photos of available homes via realty websites or even social media. If they decide to tour a home, you can bet that they would much rather see a high-tech “man cave” or media room, complete with surround sound and big screen capabilities, rather than a formal dining room.


Think smart. Along with tech-savvy media capabilities, young homebuyers are sure to be impressed by other “smart” home technologies and gadgets. Since you won’t find many members of Generation X or Y without a smartphone, app-enabled home features like door locks, temperature controls or home-safety cameras are sure to draw them in. LED lighting is another simple change that will impress today’s younger generation of homebuyers.


Think green. Going green has become an everyday way of life for many of today’s young homebuyers, so they certainly will expect their future home to be green as well. Young buyers want to see a home that is energy efficient, so updated windows and appliances may be on their must-have list.


Think function. Young professionals and young families often favor functionality. A well-thought-out, open floor plan will likely win over young buyers before a large entryway or frivolous soaking tub. They may also see your home’s additional bedrooms as options for walk-in closets, playrooms or home gyms.


Think business. In today’s business world, working from home is often encouraged and younger home buyers want to be able to exercise that freedom. Many young professionals, who are searching the real estate market, will look for an at-home office or a space that they can easily turn into one. If you’re considering putting your home on the market and you want to include a home office, you can give it greater versatility by keeping the design simple. Then, potential buyers can easily convert it back into a bedroom if their needs or wants change in the future.


Think clean. For many of today’s buyers, and particularly for younger buyers, wall-to-wall carpeting is outdated and down-right dirty. Hardwood flooring is much more appealing for many young buyers. Luckily, some older homes that feature wall-to-wall carpeting may actually have beautiful, hardwood flooring underneath.


Think location. Older generations of buyers may have craved a spacious yard and a little peace and quiet. Many of today’s younger buyers are drawn toward city life and the amenities it can provide. So, trading in a large yard for convenient access to public transportation may be an easy choice for today’s younger homebuyers.


Think convenience. Time is of the essence for most of today’s younger buyers. For many, fixer uppers can be a big turn off. In fact, they may be drawn more to properties that include gyms, spas, lawn services or other amenities that come along with a homeowner’s association. However, it is still possible to find that young homebuyer with a romanticized vision for flipping an older home into the modern home of their dreams.


Think “we’re not all that different.” If the thought of impressing today’s younger homebuyers has you feeling a little uptight, relax. In many cases, today’s younger generation of homebuyers are drawn to the same things that will impress any homebuyer. Doesn’t everyone love an updated kitchen, bath or freshly-painted neutral walls?


For more about what things may draw in young homebuyers in today’s real estate market talk to one of our experienced and knowledgable real estate sales associates.