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From Toys to Tantrums – Take a Timeout for Tips on Selling Your Home with Kids!

From Toys to Tantrums – Take a Timeout for Tips on Selling Your Home with Kids!

Homework laying around… soccer cleats or sweaty football gear scattered about… and, all the wrong outfit options piled up all over the bedroom floor. Yep, the kids are back to school. As if that extra mess isn’t unwelcome enough at home, what if you’re trying to sell your house during the hustle and bustle of back-to-school season?

Whether you’ve got a two-year-old, ten-year-old, teenagers or all of the above, trying to sell a home with kids can be challenging, to say the very least. Here are a few things you can do ease the added tension that children’s toys, tennis shoes and tantrums can add to the home-sale process:

1. Involve the Kiddos When You Can

As awful as that advice might sound, making children feel like they are a part of the home-sale process is a good way to make them more agreeable to it. Decluttering is a must-do during the sales process and you may have a good handle on the toys or games that your children regularly play with, but allow them to decide which ones can be stored away during the selling process. Then, give them the added role of selecting their favorite toys to be stored in a box that will be easily accessible during the entire sales process.

Finally, we all know that the home sale process can go on longer than we’d like; we also know that showings can come up at any time – conveniently or inconveniently. So, while your home is on the market, give your kids the daily tasks of making their beds and putting their toys away before they start their day. That way, if you get word of a showing, you’ll have less sprucing up to do… of course, the responsibility you’re teaching your kids is just the icing on that cake!


2. Make Your Home Appeal to Any Buyer

Yes, your home probably has served you and your family very well. So, yes, it may be the perfect spot for another family to move into. But, remember, not every buyer who is looking at your house may have children or may even intend to have children. For that reason, you should try to make your home appeal to any buyer.

Take your efforts a notch above putting all of the kids’ toys, artwork and school equipment away. If you’ve turned your home’s formal dining room into a children’s playroom, pick up a cost-efficient dining room table and stage the room the way it was originally intended. If you painted your daughter’s room pink and your son’s room lime green, consider giving the walls a neutral-colored makeover before showing your home to potential buyers. If you’re worried that this move might upset your children, reassure them that they’ll have a fresh palette to create their new room when you move.


3. Get Rid of the Obvious Evidence

OK, parents… we know that your children are the little angels that you think they are; but, let’s be honest… those little angels can cause a fury of destruction when they want to. Before you even list your home, put your very best efforts into tracking down and removing every little marker, crayon or paint doodle that you can find on the walls, tables, furniture, carpets, tubs, sinks… etc. etc. etc.

Once you’ve found all of those little pieces of art, start searching for dried (or still wet and icky) food that’s fallen. Remove those stains and any stenches they’ve left behind. Finally, if you’ve got toddlers, you’ve likely got juice and milk stains abounding. Honestly, you may have become immune to these little dribbles, but your prospective buyers are sure to pick them out on the carpets, hardwoods or even walls! Just before listing your home, it may be best to bring in a cleaning service or rent a steamer to freshen the floors.


4. Have a Plan for Showings

Once you’ve got your home clean, tidy and ready to show, you’ve got to make sure that you and your children are prepared for those showings. Put a plan in place for getting out of the house when you’re made aware of a showing. Any parent knows that getting out of the house with kids can be a challenge, so do yourself a favor and keep extra clothes, snacks and drinks in the car. Have a go-to location established, whether it’s an area park, family or friend’s house or the neighborhood ice cream parlor. Making your go-to location a family favorite can make the home-selling process an adventure that your kids may actually look forward to!

Every seller hopes for a stress-free sales process, but throwing kids into the mix may add extra anxiety from the get-go. Involving children when possible, trying to appeal to every buyer and planning ahead can help keep the tension and tantrums to a minimum while your home is for sale.

If you need a little help in preparing your home or your children for the home sale process, contact an experienced Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices The Preferred Realty real estate agent today.