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Five Projects to Transform Your Home in Five Minutes... or Less!

Five Projects to Transform Your Home in Five Minutes... or Less!

Too busy for home projects? We totally understand! With so many things going on, it's easy to push your home improvement projects to the side.

To allow everyone to check off at least one item on their home improvement to-do list this month, we’ve come up with five five-minute home improvement projects that anyone can complete:

1. Renovate the Refrigerator: Get a jump start on your spring cleaning by tackling this kitchen task first! But, don’t spend the usual few hours trying to reorganize the salad dressings and sodas. Instead, empty your entire refrigerator and wipe down the shelves. So that you’re not spending so much time scrubbing on this step in the future, line those shelves with mats. Next, add baskets to hold everything from milk to mustard. Use stackable containers to give your leftovers some neat appeal. For freshness, strategically place some baking soda and close those refrigerator doors! If your appliances are stainless steel, here’s another tip – wiping the doors with just a dab of olive oil will take away fingerprints and give them a natural shine in no time!

2. Organize Bookshelves: Take the same thinking you just applied to your refrigerator and apply it to your bookshelves – minus the baking soda and olive oil, of course! You can add some design appeal to your bookshelves by grouping complementary-colored books and lining them up or stacking them. If you’ve got an abundance of books, add some baskets or decorative storage bins to clean up the overall look of your shelves. You can place similar knick-knacks together and add some greenery to give your bookshelves an entirely-different and totally-clean look in mere minutes!

3. Clean Up the Coffee Table: Now that you’re already in the grouping mood, head over to your coffee table. You know, the one that you typically have to rearrange just to prop your feet on after a long day at work. Here, a five-minute clean-up is all about zoning! Again, you’ll want to group any books or magazines by size and color. Don’t be afraid to stack a few, but add the others to those bookshelves you’ve already organized. Next, use a decorative tray to highlight a few items on your coffee table. Fresh flowers are a great focal point; a personal affect that you’ve picked up while traveling is always a nice reminder while you’re relaxing; and, a favorite candle can complete the ambiance!

4. Beautify the Bathroom: If you’re beginning to think that five-minute clean-up rituals are all about organization, then you’re catching on in less time than it will take you to complete these tasks! When it comes to your bathrooms, an obvious first step is wiping down the mirrors and sinks and scrubbing the toilet bowl. After that, it’s time to organize! Stash your personal items in available medicine cabinets or drawers. Use decorative storage bins or woven baskets on shelves and in cabinets to camouflage necessities like extra toilet paper, hand towels or soap. Add some greens and select a mild air freshener and your previously-bungled bathroom is now a serene sanctuary!

5. Transform Throw Pillows: This tip is certainly something you probably thought impossible in just five minutes! If you’re tired of the drab accent pillows on your couches or beds, transform them with some stylish fabric, a pair of scissors and some fabric glue! Cut your fabric of choice into two equally-sized squares that are just slightly larger than the pillows you plan to cover. Turn the squares inside out and apply glue along three of the edges. After allowing the glue time to dry, turn the fabric right-side-out and stuff your pillow inside. Seal your stylish new pillow along the final edge by applying glue on one side and folding the other side down like an envelope. In an instant, you’ll fall back in love with old throw pillows you were ready to throw out! You can even make this tip work with your favorite t-shirts or tank tops!

So, tonight, this weekend or a random spring day, pick one, two or complete all of these quick five-minute home improvement projects. You may leap with joy after you find out what a difference five minutes can make!