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Get Your Finances on Track with Five Free Money Management Apps

Get Your Finances on Track with Five Free Money Management Apps

With graduation parties, vacations and the other gazillion events going on over the summer, there never could be a better time for a little financial help. What’s even better than financial help? FREE financial help!

We’re keeping current with the latest apps that can help you better manage your money, whether you’re trying to take a vacation, buy a house or simply stock a few extra groceries for your next backyard BBQ!

Here are five of our favorite money apps to help you manage your summer fun(ds):

1. Mint: If it seems like this app makes the list every year, it is because it does! Mint not only helps you to create a budget and track your spending, but it also helps you pay your bills and makes sure you do it on time. Mint connects to your bank account and even gives you tips about your spending. If you’ve always wanted a financial advisor, but felt like you could never afford one, Mint may be exactly what you’re looking for!

2. Unsplurge: Got a splurging problem? Unsplurge! This app is only for iPhones, but its benefits transcend any brand. In fact, it’s a bit like social media for people who are trying to save money. Instead of spending money you may not really have on something you may not really need, Unsplurge helps you to save money to “splurge” on planned purchases. Like your favorite social media sites, you can log your savings progress and get motivation from similar followers!

3. Level: If you’ve got budgeting goals, this app will help you stick to them! Like many money-saving apps, it connects to most major banks. But, unlike looking at your regular bank balance, Level will look at your total income and determine a comfortable spending limit. Level will account for your utilities and other bills. It also will help you determine how much of your leftover money you can safely spend.

4. You Need a Budget: Need a little more than financial advice? Perhaps, You Need a Budget is the right app for you! This free budgeting app not only helps you create a budget and stay on track with it, but it also offers you free classes to better your budgeting skills. Learn how to live off of what you’re bringing in and how to survive if you overspend every once in a while, too. You can face your financial habits with You Need a Budget.

5. GoodBudget: If all of these money-saving apps seem like too much technology for you, check out GoodBudget. The GoodBudget app will help you to categorize your spending, like you’re creating a specific envelope for each expense. It may sound a little bit old-school, but it’s a proven method and, frankly, it works. Find out why GoodBudget can work for you today!

With a little free financial help from the latest in budgeting technology, we’re app-solutely sure you can get on track with your financial goals this summer. Download your favorite money app and start saving today!

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