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Get to Know a New Neighborhood in a Week or Less

Get to Know a New Neighborhood in a Week or Less

When you’re going through the closing process and planning to move into a new home, there are countless things that need to be done. You’ve got to worry about inspections, walk-throughs and packing, among other tasks. So, when your new home is a new a new neighborhood or new city, who has the time to get to know their new digs before they get there?

However, the last thing you want to do once you move into a new neighborhood is try to figure out the way to the closest grocery store, gas station or even gym. Lucky for you, thanks to the wonders of the web, it is rather easy to get a feel for a new neighborhood in no time at all!

Here are a five traditional and web-savvy ways to get to know your new neighborhood in a week’s time:

Embrace the Online Overload: Whether we like it or not, the web is the fastest way to get a feel for a new place. Not only do cities and towns have their own websites, which feature valuable information like local resources and emergency services; but there are also a bevy of social sites where locals are happy to offer their advice on an area’s best restaurants, nightlife, recreational spots and more.


City Data.com offers area information on everything from crime rates to weather patterns. StreetAdvisor can give you even more localized information about specific city neighborhoods. Yelp will help you find everything from the best restaurants to the best doctors in an area and will even share other site users’ experiences. Since you probably already spend a good amount of time on Facebook, join your new neighborhood’s social page (yes, they probably have one); there may be no better way to learn about your neighborhood and your new neighbors!

Act Like a Tourist: It may be the middle of winter; so, we’re not suggesting that you trek through snow and ice to navigate your way through your new place; but, do make it a point to visit some of the historical aspects of your city. Pick up a copy of the local newspaper and some visitor guides to find out what your new neighborhood has to offer.

Seeing some sites and soaking up a little local history will help you establish a quick sense of pride in your new home.

Speak Up: When you’re out and about in your new neighborhood, don’t be afraid to let people know that you need some help. Introduce yourself and try to remember as many new faces and names as you can. Ask your new neighbors about any upcoming community traditions or events where you may be able to meet and make some new friends.

Be Available and Approachable: In the simplest sense, sporting a friendly face will help you get to know your new neighbors, who are sure to offer a wealth of area information. Do what you can to meet as many neighbors as possible, right from the start. You’ll feel more at home; and, trust us, they’re just as interested in who’s moving in as you are in knowing who’s living near you.

How can you do this, particularly in the middle of winter? Bundle up and take a walk through your new neighborhood. Talk to neighbors who are walking their pets or shoveling their sidewalks. If you’re feeling really ambitious, host a casual housewarming party and invite everyone inside. Don’t worry about those few moving boxes that you just can’t seem to get unpacked.

Get Involved: Don’t let your hobbies (or your New Year’s resolutions) falter because of your move. Find community groups where you can enjoy your favorite things and meet some new faces who also share your passions. Join a gym or take some classes to find friends and the motivation to meet your fitness goals. Finally, get involved in the community by joining a community center or volunteering at area organizations. Being active is a great way to get that at-home feeling in no-time.

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