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Father’s Day 2013:  Five Changes That Could Do You (and Dad) Good!

Father’s Day 2013: Five Changes That Could Do You (and Dad) Good!

Ah, yes, dear ole dad. He changed your diapers, your oil and, sometimes, even your mind – where did he get that infinite wisdom? Now that Father’s Day is rapidly approaching, how are you going to show the man who changes so much for you, just how much he means to you?  

You could buy him a tie, take him out to dinner or make him that adorable craft you saw on Pinterest (all things we’re sure any dad would cherish), but for the man whose changes you couldn’t have done without, here are five changes that will really hit home – and maybe even add a little value to his home, too:

1. Of course, the yard is a great place to start for any dad. Yes, you could offer to mow the yard for Dad for the week or month; but, what if you offered to bring in a load of mulch to freshen up the landscaping?  It needs done every year and, it’s likely not on the top of his “favorite things to do” list. Grab your shovel!

2. Remember that pressure washer you bought for Dad last year? Just offer to use it this year. You would be surprised how you can make Dad’s house look like new just by spraying off the siding. If you really want to impress him, get out a paint brush, too.

3. Where does Dad park his wheels? Since you have the pressure washer out for the siding anyway, spray down Dad’s concrete driveway, too. If the driveway is gravel, remove the winter wear by bringing in a new load of stone. Simply seal asphalt driveways to make them look like new. You can bet Dad will notice when he gets home.

4. Don’t think you have to stay outside to do something that will catch Dad’s eye. Some of the hardest home improvement projects involve all the trimmings – and we’re not talking about Thanksgiving feast. Offer to add some flair to Dad’s man cave, or even the family room, by putting up some crown molding or wainscoting.   

5. Finally, we all know where many dads’ thrones are located:  the bathroom. So, update his castle! You don’t have to do a major remodel to make it look like you did, either. Freshen up his palace by adding a coat of paint to those outdated cabinets. It’s a fast, inexpensive and easy way to show Dad your appreciation.

Whatever you decide, don’t forget a simple “Thanks, Dad,” can go a long way, too. Happy Father’s Day!