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Easy Ways to Make Sure Your Home is

Easy Ways to Make Sure Your Home is "What's Trending" in 2013!

Whether the weather would like to let us believe it or not, spring actually is right around the corner.  Ah, yes, it’s nearly time to breathe deeply and inhale that fresh, clean spring air.  And, along with things freshening up outside, it’s probably a good time to evaluate your current home décor and see what you can freshen up inside, too!

Alas, we turn to some of this year’s top home trends for a little inspiration.  Contrary to what we thought, it turns out that some of the top trends are actually quite affordable and easy to incorporate into our current home décor.

- Now, the first rule of spring cleaning is out with the old and in with the new, right?  It is, at least, when we’re talking home décor.  20th-century furniture is in – in a big way!  We’re not telling you to go buy a whole new living room set, but you’d be amazed what some funky new throw pillows will do for that otherwise drab beige couch.  Add a fresh piece of art and you can really transform a room!

- April showers bring… another fashionable, easy fix for a room that needs some love!  Don’t be afraid to incorporate some off-the-wall floral arrangements in your formal dining room.  Remember, it’s called formal, not out-of-date!  Be inspired by the outdoor freshness around you… try some grasses, leaves and even seed heads in your arrangements.

- Don’t stop with the floral arrangements, either.  Forget painting the wall in your spare room this year, grass cloth wallpaper is one of 2013’s top home trends.  It’s also an easy way to add texture and depth to a bare wall that you just can’t find the right piece for.

- If you haven’t caught on to the trend yet, while your front yard is growing green, you may want to consider going green!  Sustainable materials, like paints, adhesives and flooring, are huge in 2013.  While they used to be hard to find, most companies now offer at least one item or line that fits the bill.  And, why not help Mother Nature while you’re doing a little remodeling?

- Overwhelmed, yet?  Don’t be.  In 2013, less is more, particularly when we’re talking about smaller spaces.  Scale-back your inner urge to fill a room with chunky furniture or bookshelves.  Instead, try tailored options or wall-mounted shelves that might allow for a little more light.  Brighter room = bigger-looking space!

And, there you have it!  There’s something for everyone in 2013’s top trends, so put on your “do-it-yourselfer” cap and get going!  Now, if only that weather would cooperate…