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Don't Put Your 'Selfie' at a Disadvantage

Don't Put Your 'Selfie' at a Disadvantage

Thanks to the selfie and those handy selfie sticks, we really no longer need anyone to take a picture for us.

Thanks to social media sites like Pinterest, we really no longer need to buy many crafty things that we can just make for ourselves.

So, why in 2015, when we want to buy a house, do we still need to hire the services of a professional real estate agent?

Whoa do-it-yourselfer. The selfie stick may help you take a photo of what you think are your best assets; but, let’s be honest, we’re all sick of seeing the same side of Kim Kardashian. And, we know you’ve seen your share of Pinterest fails, too. So, when it comes to whether or not you need to hire a real estate agent, you can bet that DIY may not be the W-A-Y to go.

Here are 10 reasons why today’s home buyers and sellers need a real estate agent now more than ever:

They’re educated. Don’t get us wrong; the internet is a great learning tool. But, as of yet, Google hasn’t started handing out degrees or certifications to the users who read the most real estate articles. On the other hand, a real estate agent not only has received professional education, but they’ve passed licensing exams. Put simply, there is no better way represent yourself in a real estate transaction than by hiring someone who has been professionally trained to do so.


They’ve got experience. Even if you’ve already bought and sold a house or two, keep in mind that real estate agents do it all the time, not just once every so many years. Don’t you want someone on your side that is constantly making offers, showing and touring homes and taking clients through the closing process? We think so.


They’ve got the time. What happens when you try to do two jobs at once? Typically, you’re spread thin and neither task gets proper attention. When you hire a professional real estate agent to represent you, you’re saving yourself the time it takes to buy or sell a home on your own. You’re able to live your life as normally as possible during that time, instead of being stuck trying to find advertising, field phone calls and schedule showings, etc. etc. etc.


They’ve got connections. We all like to think that we’ve got connections in life, but real estate agents seem to know someone in every industry out there! From inspectors to contractors to other service professionals, agents typically have a bevy of individuals at their disposal who are ready to help with any aspect of your buying or selling transaction. Roof repairs? Painters? Lenders? Yep, they’ve got someone for that.


Even online connections. With the internet, you may feel like you’ve got all necessary information at your fingertips; but, that info is only good if you know how to utilize it. Professional real estate agents have access to (cue enlightening music) the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). That database is the most current and complete listing of homes that are for sale. So, if you’re a seller, you want your home on that list; and, if you’re a buyer, you want access to that list. With a professional real estate agent, you’ve got that list.


They know neighborhoods. You already know a lot about the neighborhood where you live; but, unless you’re planning to move up the street, a real estate agent is bound to have more information readily available about an area that you’re interested in. Literally, it comes with the territory. So, instead of spending hours trying to find out information about an area’s schools or recreational options, consult a real estate agent.


They’ll show you what you want to see. Real estate agents represent you during home showings and can even help prepare with staging your home to be shown. When it comes to touring potential homes, an agent will find homes that meet your needs and make the arrangements for you to see them ASAP.  


They’ll steer you toward the right price. Everyone wants to get the most for their money; but who knows how to find that right price? Whether you’re buying or selling a home, a professional real estate agent can help guide you to the right price. They’ll scour the market for comparable homes to ensure the home that you’re searching for or selling ranks right up there with other homes like it. Thanks to that price-savvy, there is no time or effort wasted with wrong pricing.


They’ll do the talking. Almost every real estate transaction involves some sort of negotiating. And, despite how personable and fair you think your negotiating skills are, a professional real estate agent is usually able to make a little more head-way when they’re wheeling and dealing. Why? For starters, they are able to remove emotion from the negotiating table and keep it strictly business when it comes to bargaining.  


And… the paperwork. Perhaps this reason should be directly tied into that time-saving reason above… or maybe even those education and experience reasons. Frankly, real estate contracts are long and they’re confusing. What’s worse is that even the smallest of mistakes when it comes to paperwork can stall a transaction, costing precious time and money. Have we mentioned that professional real estate agents complete contracts all the time?

When it comes to buying or selling a home, don’t put your selfie at a disadvantage by trying to make your transaction DIY. Let a professional agent give you and your real estate experience the attention you deserve.