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Don’t Let Your Home Renovation Wreak Havoc on Your Relationship

Don’t Let Your Home Renovation Wreak Havoc on Your Relationship


Who doesn’t love watching the home improvement shows that depict two partners happily going through the home renovation process? Oh, sure, they run into a couple of bumps along the way – but, they’re easily able to laugh it all off and they always, we mean always, end up with an incredibly renovated masterpiece.

So, why doesn’t it always end up that way in the not-made-for-TV home renovation world? Instead, couples that confidently begin the home improvement process together somehow end up arguing through the entire process. That is, if they even make it all the way to completion!

There is no doubt that completing a home renovation can be a stressful process. You’re talking about spending money and disrupting your everyday life, a combination that is sure to add stress to any relationship.

Luckily, a little preparation can put you and your partner at ease when it comes to your home renovation. Enter the process by hitting some of the stressors head on! Here are three major things that are bound to cause stress in a relationship during the home renovation process – and three ways to deal with them before they do!

1. The Costs: If you’re entering the home renovation process, you and your partner probably already have talked about possible costs and you likely have determined a reasonable budget. Still, during a renovation, it always seems those costs rise and rise. Of course, at the same time, so do tensions between partners.

So, what’s the remedy for the rising costs of the home renovation process? Creating a budget is absolutely necessary, but so is saving a little extra money to cover additional costs that may come up. With money to pay for any little extras or big problems that you may run into, you and your partner can keep focused on your renovation.

2. The Timeline: Whether you’re completing a home renovation yourself or hiring someone to do it, you are likely to fall off schedule a bit. Things like waiting for supplies or subcontractors to complete work can hold you up at any part of the process.

What can you do to cope with that extra construction time? Frankly, not much, but keep a sense of humor about it. When you choose to move forward with a home renovation, you’ve got to expect a bit of disruption. If your delay is prolonged, then you may want to approach your contractor about it. Otherwise, keep a positive outlook – this construction phase will pass!

3. The Details: You and your partner may be in tune with each other’s every move. But, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be in tune with each other’s every design choice during the home renovation process. You may like light paint colors and your partner may prefer dark. You may like hardwoods and he or she may prefer ceramic tile. Are those differences deal breakers?

To keep the peace in your relationship when it comes to the details of your home renovation project, it is imperative to constantly communicate with your partner. Disagreeing is normal, but it is the talking through things that makes your relationship work – and, the home renovation process is no exception to that rule!

Finally, when it comes to renovating your home, simply expect the unexpected. That way, you and your partner won’t be surprised – no matter what is thrown your way! If you’re preparing to enter a home renovation project with your partner, here’s to making sure you find your made-for-TV happily ever after!