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Can You Hack it? Five Little Tips to a Perfectly-Organized Closet

Can You Hack it? Five Little Tips to a Perfectly-Organized Closet

Ah, the life hack… those little tips and tricks that can make life easier or help you to be more productive. Well, we don’t know who invented the term (or the convenient tricks), but we’re forever grateful for the ingenious ideas that have helped us in countless ways. Today, we’re applying those little life hacks to our closets.

Even the largest homes with the most spacious closets can use a little organization. It goes without saying that a small home, with limited closet space, may be in dire need of some simple storage options.

But, before you run out and purchase an expensive closet organization system, why not see if you can “hack it?” Regardless of your home’s storage situation, here are five helpful hacks for creating a perfectly-organized closet:

Hang multiple things in one space. This may sound like a magic trick; but, using some old soda can tabs, s-hooks or chain links will allow you to make more of limited space. Looping a tab, hook or link over an existing hanger creates twice the storage room in a cramped closet.


Double your hanging space. OK, you can easily buy a closet rod extender for under $20; but, you also can make one at home for less, if you’ve got a dowel rod and some rope. The benefits of this hack are pretty obvious as you can hang twice the items in the same amount of space.


Get hooked on hooks! Small hooks are a great way to maximize all usable space in a closet. Start by looking up. If you see a lot of seemingly-unusable space at the top of your closet, grab a ladder and hang some hooks there. This way, you can keep things that you don’t use often neatly stored out of the way of the things that you use every day.


Don’t look past the door. Yes, the door’s obvious purpose may be to allow access to whatever you’re storing inside, but why not enlist its help in storing a little more? You can mount a bookshelf on the inside of closet door and use it to store books… and a whole lot more!


Be a basket case. Baskets and totes provide an extraordinary organization solution. They’re functional and fashionable! A wicker or woven basket will not only hold loose items, folded blankets or other personal things, it will also make your closet look nicer and more organized!  

Of course, when it comes to closet organization, if all else fails… it may be time to do a little spring (or fall… or winter… or summer) cleaning. Rid yourself of those items that have had you saying “Oh, I’ll wear or use this sometime soon for sure…” You know you haven’t touched those things in years! J Good luck hacking your way to a perfectly-organized closet!