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Calling All Pet Owners: Where do Fido and Fluffy Rank in Your Home Search?

Calling All Pet Owners: Where do Fido and Fluffy Rank in Your Home Search?

When it comes to finding a new home for your family, you can’t forget about your furry, four-legged family members. While Fido and Fluffy may not vocalize their opinions on their new home, they surely will appreciate some consideration during the home-buying process.

In honor of National Love Your Pet Day, today we are paying specific attention to the ways that home buyers can keep their beloved pets in mind when they are searching for the perfect home.

Pet owners, here are a few top pet priorities to consider when house hunting:

Are There Wag-worthy Walking Areas?

Whether your potential new home is conveniently located near parks, trails or in a well-lit neighborhood that you can freely walk your pets in, exercise is one of the most important things to consider for your four-legged family members. As you’re searching for a new home, don’t forget to think about where you will be able to take Fido for a walk.

If you are already finding yourself with less time than you know that your pets deserve, imagine the move-in and settling process! Try to find a new home with adequate yard space for your pets to freely roam. Of course, this may entail some additional landscaping on your part, like installing a fence or taking other safety precautions for your pets; but, it is likely that both you and your pets will appreciate the wide, open space!

Will Your Pets Be Fe-line Safe and Cozy?

Safety is at the top of every potential home buyer’s list; but, when you are also a pet owner, you’ve got to think about the safety of your furry family members, too. When you’re house hunting, scan potential neighborhoods for other pets or, at least, pet-friendly neighbors. If possible, strike up a casual conversation with some neighbors to see how they feel about pets and what the neighborhood may be like for your own. You’ll also want to note the amount of traffic in a potential neighborhood, because you can just never be too safe with your precious pets.

Once you’re confident that the outdoor environment is safe, move indoors and make sure that the interior of your new home will be adequate for your pets, too. Some things to pay close attention to are floors and space, in general. You’ll probably want flooring that is durable enough to withstand a little extra wear and tear and if you have older pets, you may pay special attention to the amount of stairs in a home, as they could be difficult for your pet to navigate. Of course, you’ll look to see if a home has enough space for you, but also consider if you’ll have enough space for your pets to relax, too. Not everyone needs a room of their own, but most everyone does love a little alone time every now and then… pets included!

Finally, it may be more of a convenience than a safety factor, but it can’t hurt to check out where water hookups are, both inside and outside of a potential new home. When you’re ready to give your pets the spa treatment, you’ll want to be sure water is conveniently located and easy to access!

Did You Do Your Doggone Homework?

The final “pet owner must” when you’re house hunting may not be something that is visible in every home you tour, but it may be one of the most important things to look for. Wherever you decide to move to, you will need to check local regulations or ordinances to see what pet policies may be. Particularly, if you are planning to buy a condo or townhome, you will need to see if there are specific rules according to a home owner’s association. The last thing you want to do is sign on the dotted line and find out that pets are a no-no.

Don’t be afraid to let your real estate agent help you when it comes to catering to your pets, either. Tell your agent about your pets and any concerns that you may have during your home search. Remember, a great agent will be able to suggest potential homes or neighborhoods that may be best for you, Fido and Fluffy!