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Buying a Home?  Make Sure Your Personality and Home Preferences are in Tune!

Buying a Home? Make Sure Your Personality and Home Preferences are in Tune!

If you thought deciding whether to buy or rent a home was a difficult decision; but, you decided to buy – congratulations!  Now, onto the next, big decision:  what type of home is best for you?

Oh, the options… historic, old home with a story… pristine, move-in-ready new construction… townhome in a development with lots of neighbors… condo, buried deep in booming city streets… quiet, country home with nothing in sight, except nature… perhaps, a combination of one or more options?

When you’re trying to decide what type of home is best for you, take a look in the mirror!  Think about your own personality and what things are important to you, your spouse and your family.  Here are a few things to consider when thinking about your home-buying personality:

Noise:  Please Don’t Stop the Music or Silent Night?
If you’re a social butterfly, who’s the life of the party, city-living or the closer quarters of a townhome or condo in a development may be the perfect place for you to buy.

 If you’re the quiet, curl up with a good book, keep-to-yourself type; then, country-living or a fenced-in, single-family home may be the option for you.

Renovations:  Working for the Weekend or The Lazy Song? 
So, you exceled at arts-and-crafts time and you feel a strong sense of accomplishment after making something with your hands.  You may want to consider a fixer-upper or a historic, older home that you can add your own modern touches to.  A larger home with a yard or big garage may also suit your personality.

In contrast, if you identify more with Bruno Mars and “today (and every other day), you don’t feel like doing anything,” but relaxing, check out something more like a new construction or a development that may be a part of a home owner’s association where you won’t have to worry about things like landscaping or snow removal.

Numbers:  We are Family or All by Myself?
If you have or intend to have a growing family in the home you’re looking at, consider the space.  A single-family home in a community may be more ideal than a smaller condo among bustling, city streets.  Think about style, too.  If you’ve got small children or your children have moved out and you’re ready to downsize, you may want to avoid a lot of stairs… consider a ranch or split-level.

But, if you live by yourself and are always on the go, a smaller home, condo or even a multi-level townhouse in a vibrant neighborhood or city may be perfect.  The simplicity of a home-owners association may also appeal to you.

Finances:  Money, Money, Money or Workingman Blues?
While you may like to, you can’t forget to consider your always-important financial situation.  Of course, if you haven’t, it is likely that money is not an issue for you – so, go big when you’re buying a home!  You also may consider a planned neighborhood where you can customize everything, just to make sure it fits your tastes.

If you’re watching every penny, you may want to look into bank foreclosures or short sales to see if you can get more home for your buck.  Of course, you can always start with a small home or fixer-upper; then, move on to a larger home when you’re able to.

The bottom line is, the home you decide on will undoubtedly be in sync with your tastes, style and personality.  But, knowing your preferences can make searching for that home… music to your ears.  Good luck!