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Don’t Get Burned! What You Need to Know About Your Fireplace

Don’t Get Burned! What You Need to Know About Your Fireplace

The season for cozying up around a warm fireplace has arrived. But, if you bought a home with a wood-burning fireplace earlier this year, you may be wondering how to keep your fire safely burning bright throughout the holiday season and all winter long.

Owning a home with a wood-burning fireplace is wonderful thing, but it does require a bit more responsibility and maintenance than a gas or electric fireplace that may require little more than the flick of a switch to operate. A fireplace requires routine maintenance, frequent cleaning and, of course, stylish decorating!

Here’s all you need to know about owning a home with a wood-burning fireplace:

Annual Maintenance

Unless you keep your fireplace “for looks only” and never burn a fire, it is a wise idea to have your chimney professionally inspected and cleaned at least once a year. When you hire a chimney sweep, make sure that they are insured and pay close attention to how they take care of your fireplace. Ask them what more you can do to keep your fireplace running smoothly throughout the year.

A few things you can do to stay on top of fireplace maintenance around your home include regularly checking to make sure the damper is properly in place. This will conserve energy and ensure your home doesn’t fill with smoke when you burn a fire. Outdoors, you can regularly check to make sure there is no new wear and tear on the chimney. Finally, be sure to keep any nearby tree branches from hanging anywhere near the chimney.

Frequent Cleaning

You should always keep your fireplace completely cleaned out during seasons when you’re not burning fires. During colder seasons (or other times you can’t resist building a fire because you simply love the way they make your home look and feel), you’ll need to clean the firebox about once a week. Don’t be afraid to cover your mouth and nose with a respirator mask, so that you’re not inhaling any unhealthy residue.

Scoop ashes out, but leave an inch or so to provide a little insulation. Safely and properly dispose of ashes once they’ve cooled. You can even spread them on your lawn or flowerbeds to provide some extra nutrients to the soil. Once that task is complete, shine your fireplace hearth with lemon oil and enjoy!

Stylish Decorating

If you recently bought or have owned a home with a fireplace, you probably already know that those cozy corners are frequently the focal points of any room they’re in. It is naturally an eye-catching space, so it only makes sense to use that as an advantage while decorating. Position ample seating around the fireplace, so that you and any guests always have a front-row seat to enjoy the warm glow.

When it comes to decorating the mantel, here’s where you can personalize! Framed art and mirrors are attractive accents. Homeowners may also want to showcase personal artifacts that may incite great fireside chats when they’re entertaining. During the holiday season, we all know that the fireplace is a great spot for hanging our stockings with care! ;)

Without a doubt, owning a home with a wood-burning fireplace may require a little extra maintenance and care. But, we’re betting that once you have enjoyed a home that has one, you’ll never want to do without a fireplace again! Here’s to a season of safely enjoying your fireplace!