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Thinking About a Career in Real Estate?

Thinking About a Career in Real Estate?

By Chris Petry
Have you ever considered a career in real estate? Maybe you’re a service-oriented person and really enjoy the opportunity to both work with and help people achieve their goals. Perhaps you are someone who would simply appreciate more flexibility in your life and career. If any of this sounds like you, you will definitely want to read the interview below. It’s a fantastic inside look at the day-in-day-out experience of a working REALTOR in today’s market. We explore topics such as work ethic, personality traits, and the benefit of setting realistic goals to grow and succeed in a fiercely competitive business. Let’s begin, shall we?

Julie Rost was recently ranked as the top agent in our local network of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices The Preferred and Stouffer Realty, serving Western, Pennsylvania and Northeastern, Ohio. Julie is based out of our City of Pittsburgh Regional Office, on the corner of Forbes and Murray, in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. She is ranked as one of the top REALTORS in the West Penn Multilist and has consistently obtained Chairman’s Circle designation, or the highest ranked category of agents nationally. In other words, if you’re eyeing a career in real estate, there’s no better role model for success than Julie Rost.
While there’s no set path that prospective REALTORS have to follow to enter the business, other than passing two pre-licensing courses and state and federal exams, Julie was clear that newbies should fully understand the commitments and expectations of salespersons. “My Mom was a REALTOR,” she says. “So I’ve always been somewhat cognizant of what it took to succeed in the business. A lot of that comes down to the management of expectations, a willingness to learn and grow, energy, communication, and investing in your business.”
So, what does the day-in-the-life of a REALTOR truly look like? Julie laughs before revealing, “Whatever I think my day will look like at the beginning of it, is not necessarily what it WILL look like as the day goes on. Being a successful REALTOR means realizing that everything is constantly evolving. You just have to take daily efforts to be pro-active, so you can you meet the needs of your clients. Open-mindedness, availability, and flexibility is crucial.”
There’s that word. “Flexibility.” Is it true that one of the reasons people choose a career in real estate is the suggestion of a more flexible work schedule? Julie suggests that the flexibility is more about how flexible you can be with your clients. “There’s a perception and there’s reality,” she notes. “We think we get to make our own schedules but we’re ultimately at the service of our clients and their schedules. You have to be willing to accommodate them. That’s what’s most important.”
So, why should people choose a career in real estate? A commitment to service. If you’re committed to helping people buy and sell their homes and you’re willing to prioritize their goals and provide the necessary guidance, one can achieve untold levels of success. Julie Rost success. Of course, there are many elements to consider. For as much as clients rely on you for your expertise and support, every good real estate agent has a support system of their own.
Julie outlined four sticking points that were very close to her when choosing to pursue a career in real estate. Which, of course, first includes selecting a brokerage and a branch location that fits your values and needs. “I chose to work in the office I work in because of the strength of the Sales Manager. She really made me feel supported, that she had my back. I also wanted to work with a brokerage that had a strong national brand and market presence. A brokerage that provided extensive training and education. My final consideration of where to base my business, was the physical location of the sales office. I wanted to work from a place where I felt the motivation and desire to grow my business. Somewhere I knew well. The city, Squirrel Hill, was my choice.”
Newcomers to the real estate industry may overlook some of those details but they’re very salient points. When asked, “What would be your advice for someone just getting started in the business,” she reiterated the importance of the above. “Make sure those things line up with your values and needs. Being a successful REALTOR is not all about showing houses. That’s actually a minor part of it.”

So it seems, there’s a lot to consider when choosing a career in real estate. Just don’t let that be a deterrent! As Julie said above, the business is always changing. That means,  your personal business as well as the industry. Staying aware of that and implementing change is necessary for long term success. Julie herself has made major changes to her business model over the years. After working nearly 15 years as a solo agent, she decided to form a real estate team to better service her expanded clientele. “That was a transition,” she says.“Forming a team 15 years into my career. There’s no growth without that change, though. It was necessary to uphold my philosophy of prioritizing client needs. Even after the closing.”

Considering the inevitability of change, how does Julie envision the future of real estate? “Every time a new technology or model to factor out the service end of the industry emerged; people always thought it would impact agents. In the long run, it never did. Whatever happens to real estate, I believe clients will always desire to be connected to a person. There’s something to be said about that. Having a professional, with the right expertise, working for you.”

We couldn’t agree more Julie! If you are considering a career in Real Estate, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices The Preferred Realty would love to have you! Luckily, we also have some of the best training, tools, and resources available in the business today.