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The Best Closet Organization Hacks

The Best Closet Organization Hacks

Now that we are getting a little bit closer to daylight savings, it’s time to think about spring cleaning.  Getting your closet organized is a great place to start!  Even the largest homes with the most spacious closets can use a little organization.  This can be the perfect weekend activity for the few remaining cold and dreary days.  Here are the best closet organization hacks to keep your home tidy! 


Turn Hangers Around

Cutting down your closet and getting rid of things you don’t need or wear will really help you stay organized.   To keep track of items you wear and those you don’t, start to take an inventory. To do this, start with all your clothes hangers so the hooks are pointing the same way. Once you wear something, when you hang it back up put the hook in the opposite direction. If you haven’t worn something in six months, toss or donate it. This is an easy storage hack that will cost you nothing!


Use Labeled Bins

Use labeled bins to store seasonal items you’re not currently using. When the season changes, swap the items. Bins are also great for storing shoes, hats, bags, and socks. They also perfect for winter items such as hats, gloves, and scarves.  Keeping things together and in bins will not only help cut down on space, but it will make things a lot easier to find! 


Install Clothing Dividers

Clothing dividers can help separate your different types of clothes. You can easily print hanging divider tags on cardstock.  This will allow you to sort through different sizes of clothing, so you can find exactly what you're searching for.  This is also the perfect opportunity to keep all of your work, workout, and casual clothing together in groups.  


Store Multiple Items On One Hanger

To cut down on space for your less bulky items, such as scarves or t-shirts, store them on one hanger.  You are easily able to fold a clothing item and place it over the hanger, instead of hanging it the traditional way.  This will allow for more space in your closet and free up some hangers! It’s also a good idea to fold sweaters this way, so you don’t stretch out the shoulders.  


Hang Your Accessories 

Hooks are your best friend when it comes to organizing hats, bags, and necklaces. Your favorite outfit makers also double as a decor moment when grouped together in neat rows.  Command Hooks are great for a project like this! They don’t damage your walls and are super easy to hang.    


Having an organized closet will not only help you find things easier, but it will also allow you to find clothes you forgot you had! If you find yourself looking for a weekend project, try out some of these organization hacks that are cheap and easy!