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Ten Tips to Prepare Your Home for Picture-Perfect Listing Photos

Ten Tips to Prepare Your Home for Picture-Perfect Listing Photos

Recently, we gave you a down and dirty guide to fixing up some filthy places in your home. But, when you’re listing a home for sale, your efforts have got to be a little more far-reaching than even those nooks and crannies. Decluttering and deep cleaning go without saying; but, to give your home that picture-perfect appeal – you know, the kind you see in magazines and on your favorite Netflix shows – you’ve got to set the stage for success.

Here are 10 ways you can make your home appear picture-perfect in listing photos:

1. Double Decluttering Duties: Yes, when you’re preparing to sell a home, decluttering goes without saying. But, you need to do it double-time! After you’ve removed any overabundance of personal photos and cleaned off countertops, take another look around. If you’re having a hard time distinguishing any small décor items, stash them away until after your sale. It may seem like a minor move, but they could appear as mere clutter in listing photos.

2. Play with the Lighting: Light is your best friend when it comes to taking great listing photos. So, open the blinds; take photos during the day; and, turn up every light in your home. This will make your house appear larger and cleaner. What buyer can resist those qualities?

3. Manipulate with Mirrors: Another way to make your home – or any small spot in your home for that matter – appear larger? Use the magic of mirrors! Strategically placing mirrors across from windows is a great way to open up space. Mirrors also are great fillers for empty walls where you took down family photos during your decluttering process.

4. Present a Neutral Palette: Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint before listing photos and showings begin is a certain way to cover any imperfections. Doing so in a warm, neutral color is an even better way to beautify! Bold colors have their place, but warm tones are more likely to win over buyers, who want to plan their own ways to personalize your space.

5. Bring on Bright Accents: If you thought that neutral paint tip was a bit boring, you’ll be pleased to know that bold is better when it comes to home accents. A sure way to capture eye-catching listing photos is to highlight neutral walls with original artwork and neutral furniture with eye-popping pillows. Bold is beautiful when it comes to accenting your home in professional listing photos!

6. Fuss Over Furniture: Speaking of that neutral furniture that you may have slid up against your now neutral walls, it is time to move it – move it! When you’re preparing to sell your home, reconsider your current floor plan to see if you may be able to better accent your living space. Pull furniture away from the walls to create a more conversational space in your living areas.

7. Handle the Hardware: Want to really get buyers talking about what they see in your listing photos? You can create eye-catching cabinetry by simply adding or updating your hardware! Instead of brushed metal knobs or pulls, pick a statement piece of hardware to adorn your kitchen cabinets. Think of something that may highlight your backsplash or spotlight a specific color in your countertops. This small touch may be enough to pull together the entire room – in listing photos and beyond!

8. Freshen with Flowers: It may be impractical to keep fresh flowers placed around your home for the entire duration of your sale. However, adding a few vases of seasonal flowers does add a dazzling dimension to any space. So, before you have professional listing photos taken (and possibly before an open house, too), pick up a few seasonal bouquets and allow some natural beauty to take over!

9. Toss the Trash: If you think we’re advising you to take out the trash before you take listing photos – think again! Of course, you’re going to take out the trash. What we’re suggesting is tossing out your entire trash can! OK, OK, that may be a bit drastic. But, you can hide unsightly trash cans in closets while you’re taking listing photos. There is simply no need to see them!

10. Set a Mood for Success: If you’ve followed this list so far, your home is probably already looking pretty perfect. There is only one thing left to do… set the mood, of course! Don’t be afraid to complete your serene scene by building a fire or lighting a few candles for some ambiance. There may be no better way to help buyers warm up to your home in listing photos!