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Get Down to Business! 10 Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents!

Get Down to Business! 10 Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents!

After the long holiday weekend, many American workers may be having a hard time easing back into the work week. But, the satisfied group of successful real estate agents that enjoys determining their own salary and hours – not to mention doing something they absolutely love – are excitedly grasping their opportunity to help more buyers and sellers realize their real estate dreams.

Aside from the friendly smile and instantly-helpful attitude, what do these seemingly born-for real-estate agents look like? Here are 10 habits of successful real estate agents:

1. They have and follow a business plan.

Just because they make their own hours and answer to basically only themselves, does not mean that successful real estate agents operate without a plan. A business plan, that is! Successful real estate agents set goals and a timeline for achieving them. New real estate agents also have the luxury of working with a business coach to establish their business plan.  

2. They take advice from a mentor.

When you get into the real estate business, everyone from your parents to their friend who helped you buy your first home will be more than happy to throw some advice your way. Instead of taking everything in and trying to determine what will work best for you, enlist the help of another trusted agent that you admire and truly – follow their lead! Find out what works for them and make it work for you!

3. They prepare.

Even successful real estate agents may not have started out that way. Earning a successful career in the real estate industry is hard and successful real estate agents will agree; you’ve got to have a plan – before you have a plan! Many real estate agents begin their careers on a part-time basis, continuing to collect a full-time salary or relying on savings until they are ready to go it alone.

4. They continue to learn.

To get into the real estate industry, professionals are required to take a couple of courses and pass a licensure exam. Instead of being satisfied with the status quo, successful real estate agents crave more. They want to continue learning the way the changing market (as well as buyers and sellers) are evolving and they do that by continuing to take the courses that are offered to them!

5. They listen.

A huge part of successfully helping people is listening to what they are looking for. So, in order for a real estate agent to be successful, they’ve got to listen to what their clients want. Whether you’re working with a seller, who refuses to budge on a price or a buyer, who won’t look at a home that doesn’t meet everything on their “want” list – in order to deliver, you’ve got to know what’s most important to those you’re serving.

6. Because they listen, they know what to say.

And, this doesn’t only mean that successful real estate agents have mastered their face-to-face communications with their clients; they even know how to reach out to potential clients! If they’re finding success on social media, successful agents know to keep it coming! When an agent listens to a client’s needs, they’re able to serve them and others in their demographic faster and more effectively.

7. They’re available.

Success in real estate doesn’t only happen Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Many agents find that flexible work schedules not only better service their clients, but also work for them, too. As an agent, you’ve got to make yourself available when your client is. It just doesn’t get any simpler than that.

8. They know where they’re at.

Not only do successful real estate agents listen to and address their clients’ questions; but, they also have answers ready with little to no research. Successful agents have an excellent working knowledge of the area where they live and work. They’re proud of their communities and able to answer questions about area commutes, school districts, recreation, entertainment and more.

9. They know people.

Yes, they know a lot about their areas… including the people who work there. Successful real estate agents have a bevy of trusted service professionals at their disposal, ready to refer to their clients – both buyer and sellers. From inspectors to lenders and everyone in between, successful agents know someone who can help their clients with whatever step of the real estate process they’re on and they’re not afraid to share those contacts.

10. They know that word-of-mouth matters.

And, this is the bottom line, folks. It pays to keep in touch with those you help – both buyers and sellers. No, they may not need your services for a number of years – or even ever again – but, they certainly will be willing to spread the word about what you’ve got to offer. Successful real estate agents know that repeat business is real and that word-of-mouth referrals can be golden!

If you recognize any of these characteristics in yourself, you may have what it takes for a successful career in real estate. Begin your journey today!