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So Long, Chevron! Say Goodbye to these Five Home Trends in 2017!

So Long, Chevron! Say Goodbye to these Five Home Trends in 2017!

Just last week, we shared our design trend forecast for the New Year. Of course, with every design trend that comes in, one or more must also go out. So, while you’re selecting the hot styles you’ll incorporate into your home in 2017, take note of these five home trends that should see their way out of your home décor style this year:

1. Oversized Furniture: Maybe it has something to do with the tiny house movement that took over for some homeowners last year. But, any trend that leaned toward cushy, oversized furniture is definitely on its way out! Comfort is still sticking around in the New Year, but function and fit when it comes to furniture will play a major role in room design this year.

2. Imitation Materials: You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Go big or go home.” Well, now, you can apply that phrase to the materials you choose to use in your home décor in 2017. Like the way marble looks in your home, but not how it makes your bank account look? This is not the year to skimp on trendy materials in your home.

3. Chevron: Sure, we boarded the chevron train when it first left the station a few years ago. But, our love for this V-shaped pattern on pillows, curtains, couches and more is quickly taking a back seat to other patterns and, even, textures! 2017 is all about mixing up your décor, so it is probably time to be bold and send your chevron pieces ch-ch-chugging along!  

4. Too Much Gray:  Don’t get us wrong. We’re still in love with some neutral base colors. But, it is time to bring a little color back into your… well, color scheme! Pantone is suggesting some bright “greenery;” but, if you’re just not there yet, don’t worry. Pops of other bright colors are in for 2017, too. Basically, it’s just time to take away some of all that gray!

5. Excessive Anything: For certain, there is a trend toward being a bit bolder in 2017, which means that it is absolutely OK to mix things up with your home décor. Instead of going overboard with an all-antique, all-modern or all-anything look, incorporate design elements from all of your favorite looks this year!

It is looking like 2017 will be a year to show your personality when it comes to your home décor. Unfortunately, for these five home design trends, that may mean it is time for you to show them the door on their way out! Here’s to trying to keep up with changing home design trends this year!