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Low-cost ways to improve your curb appeal

Low-cost ways to improve your curb appeal

Everyone knows that curb appeal is critical for making a great first impression.  And Sellers are often most aware of the need to spruce up their curb appeal when trying to attract buyers.  There's a direct link between good-looking properties and quick real estate sales, so owners may want to undertake a few of these little do-it-yourself projects to increase curb appeal without breaking the bank.

When homeowners want to boost curb appeal, every dollar spent is important. While there may be many ways to do this, some of the simplest projects are actually pretty inexpensive, according to DIY Network. Perhaps the best move in this regard is to touch up or overhaul exterior door and trim paint. House paint isn't all that costly, and this kind of work shouldn't take more than a few hours, but it will certainly make a home look more inviting.

Other simple and attractive solutions
Many homeowners may not think of their mailboxes, but getting a new one, or simply doing work to improve the look of an existing one can go a long way. After all, a mailbox is often the first thing a prospective buyer might see when arriving at an open house or driving down the street, so it should be in the best condition possible. Experts say they're easy enough to install provided homeowners have the right tools.

For those with more of a green thumb, any real estate professional would tell them planting trees and flowers around a property can beautify just about any space. Those who are also handy might even go so far as to install flower boxes. Even a newly planted tree will add some green and charm to any property, as can making sure a lawn is as well-manicured as possible.

Making the house look better

It's not always easy for homeowners to consider what their house itself "should" look like, according to HGTV. Over the years, layers of dirt can slowly pile up on a home's siding, making a paint job lose a bit of its luster. For that reason, renting a pressure washer for a day to clean all that dirt off may help to make a home look better than it has in years. Plus, there's no need for a paint job that costs hundreds of dollars. Homeowners might be shocked at the change this simple job can provide.

Likewise, many owners may not think of something as simple as changing burned-out or dimming bulbs, which can make a big difference for would-be buyers by making a home look more inviting at night.

Because this kind of work often takes less than a few hundred dollars altogether, and a relatively small amount of physical work, it's certainly worth the investment for those hoping to take their properties from mediocre to beautiful in short order. And it's usually just a trip to the hardware store away.

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