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 How to Protect Your Home From an Intruder

How to Protect Your Home From an Intruder

Keeping your home and family safe is a top priority.  Even if you live in a safe neighborhood it’s always good to practice safety measures that will protect your home from a potential intruder.  Protecting your home doesn’t have to break the bank either, all of these precautions are virtually free and will keep you and your family safe in case of an emergency.



Keep Windows and Doors Locked

This one probably goes without saying, but it’s good to get into the habit of always locking your doors and windows.  Statistics on home break-ins show that 30% of burglars enter from an unlocked door.  Thieves usually look for easy-access points in houses that are likely to be empty. Lock your doors and windows, especially those on the first floor whenever they’re not in use, even when you’re at home.


Update Your Locks

If you have just moved into your home or have been there a while, it's a good idea to replace the locks. Take a walk around your home and do an inventory of your locks. Are any of the locks damaged? Could there be extra keys floating around with strangers? Are any of the exterior locks easy to pick or bump open?  You could also replace all of your locks with smart locks that allow you to lock or unlock your home all from your phone!


Use Motion Sensor Lights

Replace your regular outdoor lights into motion sensor lights by switching to motion-sensing light bulbs. These lights will put a spotlight on anyone scoping out your property and will also be an added safety feature for your family so you can quickly see your keys and get into your home with plenty of light!  These light bulbs are also great for saving electricity because they will only come on when needed. 


Be Smart About Your Spare Keys

Hiding a key in a predictable place like under the mat or in a flower pot near the door makes things much too easy for burglars. Instead, try giving your key directly to the person who needs access to your home or getting a more secure hiding place for your spare.  Check out this combination lock or fake rock to store your keys in!


Keep Your Valuables Out of Sight

Even if you live in a safe neighborhood or a secured apartment building, it’s good to get in the habit of hiding your valuables.  Financial information, firearms, and prescriptions are definitely things to hide but you should also put away items with sentimental value!

  • Financial Information: Your banking info is certainly something that should stay private. If you’re in the habit of leaving bills or even spare money lying around on countertops, it’s time to break that habit.  It is a good idea to purchase a fireproof safe to store all your financial information in!

  • Firearms: This tip pretty much goes without saying, particularly if you have children at home. If you own firearms, be sure they are safely locked away when you are not using them. 

  • Prescriptions: It is a good idea to get in the habit of storing away your prescriptions.  It's easy to leave them on the counter if you take them every day, but make sure to properly seal and store any prescriptions before your children or potential intruders get into them.  

  • Electronics: It’s a good idea to stow away your electronics when they are not in use.  You should also store the charging cables in a different place than the device itself because it’s significantly less valuable if the intruder cannot steal the charger!


From locking your windows and doors to finding a new hiding spot for your spare key, there are so many precautions that you can take to protect your home a little more.  You wouldn’t want a burglar to be able to enter your house just because you forgot to lock the door.  It’s good to get into the habit now of protecting your home before it’s too late!