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How to Make Living in a House on the Market Enjoyable

How to Make Living in a House on the Market Enjoyable

Living in your home while it is on the market is a difficult task. You have to take pictures that make your home look inviting and maintain that appearance for showings. Spending time in a home that is open house-ready can make it feel like it’s not even yours. To ease the transition we’ve compiled a list of to-dos to make your home comfortable for you while being attractive to potential buyers. Follow these tips to keep you and your home ready for showings.    


Get Organized


Make a list of everything you can live without while your home is on the market and make a plan for where those items will go. Renting a storage unit or creating space in unfinished areas of your home -- like the basement or garage -- will give you additional storage options. Cluttered rooms can turn off potential buyers and can make rooms seem smaller than they actually are, so clear out any furniture beyond the basics for an attractive staging.


Clear off your kitchen counters. Maximize your surfaces by storing toasters, coffee machines, mixers, etc. Use the same strategy for the bathroom and living room. People will look through your drawers, closets, and medicine cabinets. Strip your vanity down to the bare necessities. Buyers want to see a space they can imagine themselves in not your lotions and potions.


Protect Your Valuables


You never know who is walking through your home, so make sure you have lockable storage for anything of value, including jewelry, documents, and prescription medications. Keep the key on your car key ring, so you won’t lose track of it. Take the time to make sure your devices are password-protected and double-check places where you normally put items of monetary or sentimental value.


Purge the Non-Necessities


Look through everything you own to get rid of everything you no longer want or need. Kitchen cabinets, coffee table drawers, garages, and basements are prime real estate for those things you once meant to use again but have been sitting idle for years. Eliminating things you no longer want not only increases the appeal of your home to buyers but also will speed up moving-out time. Have a yard or garage sale, donate as much as you can, and then recycle or toss the rest. Don’t forget your fridge and pantry. Drop any unopened, nonperishables at your local food bank to make sure they don’t go to waste.


Plan Showings Around Your Schedule


Of course, you are going to have to be flexible to buyers’ needs. But try to make showings as convenient for you by asking your agent to try to stick within specific time frames that fit your daily routine. Accommodate potential buyers as much as possible, but the more you plan with your agent, the less you’ll have last-minute surprises.


Have a Plan for Your Pets


The market for home buyers is full of cat people and dog people. But that doesn’t mean that leaving your feline or pup in your home for showings is going to score you any points with potential buyers. Of course, this doesn’t mean sending your pets away for extended periods of time. Instead, create a contingency plan. Ask a neighbor or family member if they can be available to watch your pet when a showing comes up. If that’s not possible, see what is available at local doggie daycares. Find a convenient place to hide away pet beds, litter boxes, and food and water bowls.


Being comfortable in your home, while maintaining a staging presence is hard.  Take a breath and use these five easy steps to make your days a little easier and your home more enjoyable while its on the market.