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How To Set Up A Guest Bedroom

How To Set Up A Guest Bedroom

Believe it or not, but the holiday season is coming up fast! If you want to get a head of the game, consider prepping your home for the holidays in early November to limit the amount of stress later on. Don’t know where to start? Try focusing on your guest room! It’s important to create a welcoming atmosphere for traveling guests and relatives staying at your home.  

Here are a few tips to make your guest room comfy and cozy for the holidays.


Upgrade Your Bedding

Beyond clean bedding, think about adding luxurious bed linens and comfort items like a featherbed mattress topper, a choice of pillows, a cozy down comforter, extra blankets, and freshly ironed pillowcases. Not only will new bedding make the room look nicer, but it will make your guests feel much more comfortable! 


Provide The Essentials

Odds are your visitors are going to forget to pack something, so why not be prepared and provide extra essentials for them just in case! Stock up on extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, body wash, shampoo and conditioner for them to use during their stay.


Supply Extra Linens

Always have an extra set of bed and bath linens available for your guests. Accidents do happen, so it’s better to be prepared! Or you may have one of those wonderful guests who insists on changing the sheets when they leave. Let them do it, and thank them profusely.


Keep The Decor Simple/ Clean Up Clutter

Like a good hotel suite, guest rooms should look and feel inviting but not lived in, which pretty much makes clutter the enemy. Clean up all the unnecessary junk hiding in your guest room. Give them ample space for their own belongings when they come. Everything in the room should be functional, but also look pleasing to the eye.


Make Some Drawer Space

If you have an extra chest of drawers, that's ideal, but if not, clearing out at least one or two drawers for small items is sufficient. Both you and your guest will feel better with odds and ends out of sight.


Help Guests Stay Connected

Write down your wi-fi password and leave it on the nightstand for your house guests because you already know they are going to ask for it! Many people travel with laptops and do work or check e-mail when away from home. If you can, provide a desk and chair and a good lamp.


Preparing your home for holiday guests can be a very stressful yet enjoyable experience. Your visitors will be overly appreciative when greeted with a clean and comfortable guest room.