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Home Maintenance Checklist: 10 Things To Do For Spring

Home Maintenance Checklist: 10 Things To Do For Spring

Daylight savings and the first day of spring are just days away! Finally, we can look forward to bright blooms, chirping birds and… um, you know, spring home maintenance. It may not smell as sweet or sound so pleasant, but preparing your home for the new season is important!

If you’re ready to prepare your home for spring, but not sure where to get started, we’ve compiled just the list for you! Here are 10 ways to prepare your home for spring:


Show Your Roof Some Respect

It may not have been the harshest of winters, but cold, wet and icy weather can do a number on your roof. As the seasons change this spring, call in a professional to make sure you don’t have any lost or damaged shingles or roof leaks in need of repair.


Go Through The Gutters

If you feel like you’re doing this seasonally, that is a good thing! Clean, clear gutters and downspouts mean that you’re ensuring water flows away from your home, precisely where it should! Clogged, cluttered gutters only create other home issues.


Check For Concrete Cracks

If water happens to be flowing toward your home, it may be causing your foundation to crack or move. If you see any signs of this around your home, call in a contractor right away. Letting this slide could result in a structural issue and that may be an expensive fix! 


Inspect Your Decks, Porches and Patios

After all, you’re going to want to use them soon – make sure they’re safe first. Look for loose railing and cracks here, too. Make sure your outdoor living areas are ready in time for the entertaining season!


Get Handy With Your HVAC System

Another seasonal check that falls on the spring maintenance schedule is scanning your HVAC system. When planning to switch from heating to air conditioning, it is a good idea to have a professional come in to make sure everything is in good working condition.


Scan Your Screens

Of course, the spring season means it is time to open our doors and windows to allow that fresh air to fill our homes. Be sure that fresh air is the only thing coming in by carefully scouring the screens of your doors and windows to look for holes. If you see a hole large enough for anything creepy to crawl into, repair or replace your screens now!


Make Time For Trimming

Speaking of things creeping around outside, now is the time to cut back your bushes. You’ll give yourself a great start to spring lawn maintenance and you’ll easily see beautiful new buds as they begin to bloom!


Look Over Lawn-Care Tools

You’ll already have to get some of them out to prune your hedges, anyway! While you’re at it, haul out your mower and trimmer to ensure they’re prepped for pruning season. If not, start to pay attention to spring deals at home improvement stores!


Hone In On Your Hoses

Along with mowing comes a little watering, too. So, after you know that all of your lawn tools are ready, scan your hoses, sprinklers and outdoor faucets to make sure they all have survived the winter as well.


Put That Hose Under Some Pressure

So, your hoses and outdoor faucets are fully prepared to flow? Test them out! Give your home a fresh look by pressure washing the siding before that spring sunshine shows off any dirt.