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Holiday Hosting Tips to Keep Your House Tidy and Spirits Bright!

Holiday Hosting Tips to Keep Your House Tidy and Spirits Bright!

If you’re a homeowner or renter who is hosting the holidays this season, you may be feeling a little anxiety about welcoming your guests while keeping your home in order. But, have no fear; it can be done! Even during the busiest of holiday seasons, you can keep chaos at home down while keeping your guests’ (and your own) spirits up!

Here’s a quick guide to making your guests happy while keeping your home in order this holiday season:

1. Make Space for Guests: When it comes to welcoming holiday guests, it really doesn’t matter how big your home is or how much space you have to share. Share whatever space you’ve got for guests to hang coats, stash shoes and store bags. This tip is two-fold: Your guests won’t have to worry about where to put their things and you won’t have to worry about what to do with the winter coat that Uncle Larry left hanging over a dining room chair and forgot to take home.

2. Stock Up on Essentials: If you’re not a Sam’s Club or Costco regular, maybe you don’t typically stock up on things like tissues, paper towels or even snacks. But, when you’re entertaining, it is best for you, your home and your guests, if you are over-prepared. The holidays happen to fall in prime cold and flu season, so if you or your guests have caught something, you’ll want tissues within an arm’s reach at all times. And, instead of having to order late-night takeout for you and your overnight guests, be sure to have a selection of snacks available at all hours!

3. Share Your Home’s Quirks: If you’re like us, your home’s guest rooms are rarely used. So, if you don’t have regular traffic in your guest bedroom or bathroom, be sure to inform your holiday guests of any quirks those rooms may carry. Show them how to work the TV remote; explain how to use the faucets; and, frankly, don’t make your guests have to ask you how to use something that may be unfamiliar. You’ll be saving them the embarrassment and saving your home’s features from misuse.

4. Involve Your Guests: When you’re hosting around the holidays, it can be easy to feel that you’re not keeping up with some of your soiree tasks. Instead of letting your guests watch you flounder and figure things out, why not ask them to help with simple tasks, like setting the table or folding napkins? Including them will make them feel even more like family!

5. Don’t Forget Downtime: When you’ve got a houseful of guests over the holidays, you don’t need to have every minute of the day planned out for everyone. In fact, allowing downtime will give your guests a little private time. It also will allow you to relax for a moment or catch up with any cleaning tasks that you feel are must-do among the madness. Simply put, don’t go schedule-crazy when you’ve got guests in town. You’ll end up stressing everyone out!

Enjoy your home and your guests this holiday season. From everyone at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices The Preferred Realty to you, have a very happy holiday season and a very merry New Year!