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Five Tiny Living Tactics that Make Huge Sense in Your Home

Five Tiny Living Tactics that Make Huge Sense in Your Home

So, maybe you’re not exactly ready to jump right into the tiny house movement and buy a micro home. But, you’ve got to admit, the people who choose to live simply in a small home may not have such a bad idea. After all, they’ve probably got no room for clutter and they likely pay lower utility bills. They’ve even got good reason to turn down Aunt Edna’s always-gracious offer for those gaudy decorations she’s been hanging onto for years!

No matter what size of home you live in, you may be able to learn a thing or two from the tiny home dwellers of the world. Here are five tiny home living tactics that may just tidy up your home:

1. Always Make the  Bed

It’s probably the same advice your mom gave you when you were little: make your bed. And, make it an everyday habit. It doesn’t matter what size a bedroom is, there really is something welcoming about walking in and seeing a neatly-made bed. Making your bed right when you wake up may even help you get a better jumpstart to your day!

2. Be Stronger than the Laundry

Yes, we’re talking about the pile of laundry that always seems to be in the dryer and the one you just folded and stashed in a basket. We’re even talking about the pile of clothes you casually throw on your bedroom floor when you get home from work sometimes. When space is at a minimum (and even when it is not), use the designated space you’ve got - you know, the dressers and closets where your clothes belong!

3. Keep Kitchen Counters Clear

Almost everyone is a culprit when it comes to kitchen counters. Maybe you’re the person who uses a mug or dish and doesn’t wash it or load it directly into the dishwasher. Maybe you’re the one who volunteers to get the mail each day, only to leave it “neatly” stacked, but never opened, on the counter. Maybe you’re the one guilty of dropping your purse or car keys conveniently on the kitchen island. In a tiny home, there simply may not be that kind of counter space to misuse. At your home, you can say goodbye to kitchen counter clutter by vowing to put things away after you use them!

4. Use What You’ve Got

Consider this: for everything from rice to cereal to pasta, how many open boxes do you have in your pantry? How many different scented lotions or soaps do you have stocked in your bathrooms? Instead of always buying the latest products when you go to the store, make a pact with yourself to use the things you’ve got before you buy more. This tiny-living tip is a resourceful way to eliminate clutter and may even save you some money!

5. Multitask by Design

In a tiny home, functionality is a must. But, it also can be a smart and stylish move in any home. When you’re decorating and designing your home’s layout, make choices that will help you multitask! An ottoman or chest may double as a toy box, DVD case or craft bench. Of course, stairs are functional, but what about any open space underneath? Those seemingly little nooks may make great spaces for storage! Designing with multitasking in mind is a great way to use all available space in your home.

Just because you may not live in a tiny home does not mean that you should not try to think like a tiny home dweller at times. Applying some tiny-living tips in your life may keep your home cleaner and more organized. Tiny home tactics may also keep more money in your pockets! Maybe it’s time for you to turn your thinking to tiny!