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Five Tips to Get Growing During National Lawn and Garden Month

Five Tips to Get Growing During National Lawn and Garden Month

April may be National Lawn and Garden Month, but if you want seasonal showers to bring bright greens and blossoms to your landscaping, you’ll need to give your curb appeal a closer look this spring.

Here are five tips for keeping your landscaping healthy through National Lawn and Garden Month—and all year long!

1. Know How to Mow

When it comes to mowing your lawn this spring and summer, you should follow a few golden rules to keep your greens growing lush. For the healthiest cut, be sure to use sharp tools and don’t cut grass too short. You may need to mow your lawn more frequently, but keeping your grass a little higher will protect your lawn from weeds and other damage. 

2. Whisk Weeds Away

Knowing that every green in your yard is not grass may be half the battle when it comes to getting rid of weeds. Don’t be fooled by the fond smile that the first sight of dandelions may bring, and be cognizant of any clover that could be creeping in too. You may be able to simply pull up small groups of weeds, but if you notice large areas or several patches of weeds scattered around, you may need to treat your lawn to get those weeds to go.

3. Be Fond of Fertilizer

Once you rid your yard of weeds, spring is a great time to give your lawn a little boost that it may need to blossom through the summer. You can check the pH level of your soil to make sure you provide the nutrients your lawn will need to flourish. If you’re noticing a little more soil than grass, don’t be afraid to add seed this spring too.

4. Give a Morning Boost

Just like you may need that first cup of coffee to get moving in the morning, your lawn may also need a little morning motivation. So, once you grab yourself a cup of joe, grab the hose—or set a timer so the sprinkler will provide your lawn with an early morning splash of water. Soaking your lawn in the morning will allow the sun to dry any areas that are oversaturated, which will keep mold away.

5. Teach Your Dog a New Trick

For this lawn and garden tip, it doesn’t matter if you have an older dog or a young pup. When it comes to your yard, you want to train your dog to take care of its business in an inconspicuous spot. It may sound difficult, but if you were able to teach your dog not to have accidents in the house, you also can teach your pup not to have accidents on your lawn. Instead, provide an alternate area for Fido to go out. Reward good behavior and you may be rewarded with a spot-free lawn.

This April, use National Lawn and Garden Month as your motivation to get growing—an amazing lawn, that is! Because, yes, as the saying goes… April showers (and meticulous mowing and maintenance) bring gorgeous green lawns—and, of course, May flowers. Happy National Lawn and Garden Month!