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Five Filthy Places to Add to Your Spring Cleaning List

Five Filthy Places to Add to Your Spring Cleaning List

Spring cleaning season is upon us. Whether you’re ready or not, it is time to tackle a few of those annual home cleaning tasks. In addition to your heavy spring home maintenance schedule, we’ve identified some down and dirty duties that you may want to add to your regular cleaning routine.

Here are five filthy places it is time to freshen in your home: 

1. The Kitchen

No surprises here. Yes, the place where you store and prepare things like raw chicken, eggs and that milk you forgot about in the back of the refrigerator is one of the dirtiest places in your home. From your sinks to your cupboards, countertops and just about everywhere in between, your kitchen could be crawling with germs!

Your best defense against spreading disease throughout your kitchen? Frequently washing your hands when you’re cooking, changing your dish cloths a couple times each week and keeping disinfecting wipes on hand to regularly clean up countertops and more!

2. Door Knobs and Light Switches

If you’ve got kids, you probably already knew these areas were overflowing with grimy potential. From sticky door knobs to flat-out dingy light switches, tiny fingers can make a big impact when it comes to spreading germs around your home. But, don’t blame it all on the kids. By nature of frequent touching, door knobs, light switches and other handles can harbor a lot of dirt!

To keep your knobs, switches and handles in their cleanest condition, don’t put away those disinfecting wipes! Instead, walk through your house with a few and wipe down every door knob, light switch and other handle you come across. Don’t forget about the knobs on the backs of your doors, either. Out of sight is NOT out of mind when it comes to germs!

3. Remotes and Devices

Sure, door knobs and light switches are obvious areas that are constantly being touched; but, what about that TV remote everyone is always fighting over? Your remotes, smartphones, tablets and the very keyboard you’re typing on right now rank among some of the filthiest places in your home! So, the next time someone asks you to pass them the remote or hand them their phone, consider that you may be handing over a heap of germs, too.

Since storing remotes and other devices in clear plastic bags is a bit impractical, the best way to keep them as clean as possible is to regularly pull out those disinfecting wipes! As often as you’re giving your knobs and light switches some love, you should remember to wipe down your remotes, too!

4. The Bathroom

You had to know that your bathroom was going to be a hotbed for germs, right? In fact, while you’re enjoying a steamy, hot shower, germs and bacteria taking advantage of their time to grow! Yep, the bathroom creates the perfect environment for germs to… well, germinate! The places they migrate to the most? Your shower and tub, toilets, sinks, drains – even your towels and toothbrushes!

With so many areas to cover, keeping your bathroom dirt-free can create quite the conundrum! Here, again, you’re going to want to pull out those disinfecting wipes on a daily basis. If your bathrooms are not already on your weekly cleaning list, you’re going to need to add them. Repetition is your best defense against the dirt that lurks in your bathroom.

5. Pet Places

We’ve already addressed the tiny hands and fingers that may be mucking up items in your home. But, let’s not forget about the furry, four-legged family members that have got their paws on everything, too. Dog and cat food and water bowls are prime places to find germs! The pet toys that may be scattered over every area of your home also are dragging around dirt.

So, what can you do to keep your pets’ favorite places pristine? Remember to wipe paws after your pets have been outside and pay close attention to the condition of their food and water dishes. Also, regularly wash those squeaky, drool-covered plush toys they lovingly play with!

It is impossible to avoid germs inside your home or anywhere else for that matter. But, you can control what is lurking around with some regular cleaning routines – and disinfecting wipes, lots of disinfecting wipes!