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Five DIY Ideas You Should Do During National Craft Month!

Five DIY Ideas You Should Do During National Craft Month!

DIY lovers, unite! March is National Craft Month; so, you know what that means? All month long, you’ve got the perfect excuse to corral your friends and get creative!

With spring cleaning season also on the horizon, you’ve probably already been noticing a few things around your home that you may like to change. Maybe you’ve still got a few snowman decorations that haven’t quite melted their way to storage. Perhaps, cabin fever has kicked in and you just want to see some signs of spring around your home. Hey, maybe it is just time for a change!

Whatever it may be, let National Craft Month be your excuse to get your DIY self in g-e-a-r! To help you find some inspiration this March, here are five fun crafts that are sure to brighten your home décor: 

1. Make over your medicine cabinet. OK, we know they’re functional and all; but, we certainly would LOVE to know what the designer of the standard medicine cabinet was thinking when he or she was putting the finishing touches on those mirrored “masterpieces.” Instead of staring at your fingerprint-covered mirror, give your cabinet a major makeover with one of your favorite paintings!

Of course, we’re not talking about drilling holes in the back of a treasured piece of art. What we are suggesting is finding a favorite print with a think wooden frame. Use this tutorial to totally transform a mundane medicine cabinet into a literal work of art!

2. Map out a new look in lighting. You don’t have to be a world traveler to shed a little light on a crafty new look in your home this spring. Thanks to this DIY globe light, you can have a glimpse around the world from the comfort of your own home office! Either use an old globe that you’ve already acquired or pick up a cardboard globe and pendant light kit. With a few simple steps, you’ll see the light of a whole new world in your life in no time!

3. Turn cozy sweaters into comfy pillows. As much as you may not want to admit it; sweater season is coming to a close. If you’ve found that even some of your favorite sweaters have run their course, give them new life this spring by recycling them into stylish shams!

While you may not want to immediately implement your cozy new couch style, you’re sure to be excited when the weather turns cold again and you find that your old wardrobe favorites have a fabulous new feel in your home!

4. Give old frames a new purpose. Ok, so maybe your wardrobe is not the only area of your home where you found a few things that you’re no longer too fond of. If you feel that some of your photo frames have seen their final days, give them one last chance to shine.

You can use old photo frames for a couple of crafty things this March. Give old frames a new look with a coat or two of a new hue. If you like the way they look, find a few of your favorite spring patterns and use them to highlight this kind of DIY fabric wall art. If you’re not sold on seasonal patterns, repurpose an old frame into a trendy new key holder!

5. Bring a little of the outdoors inside. Since the weather is sure to be warming up this month, now is the perfect time to invite a little of Mother Nature’s beauty into your home. In fact, finding some fallen twigs may just keep you crafting all National Craft Month long! A fresh painted twig bouquet on an accent table or these DIY twig candle holders may help you kick cabin fever to the curbside this spring.

Whether you typically D-I-Y or D-I-Don’t, National Craft Month is a great time to try out a few crafty new trends in your home. If you like these ideas and you’re looking for even more ways to deliver a little crafty DIY magic to your home this spring, check out our DIY Décor ideas on Pinterest!