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Fall for These Five Budget-Friendly Autumn Décor Ideas!

Fall for These Five Budget-Friendly Autumn Décor Ideas!

It’s fall y’all! There, we’ve said it and we promise it won’t happen again. In the spirit of the autumn season, it is time to add a little pumpkin spice to your home’s décor. However, just like stores will soon replace their scarecrows for Santas, we know that the fall season may quickly be replaced by holiday cheer in your home, too. So, how can you decorate your home for fall without spending too much time or money on seasonal décor?

Here are a five budget-friendly ways to add some fall flavor to your home:

Rely on Your Mum(s)

Fall foliage naturally lends itself to brightening your home for the season. Flowers like mums are brightly colored, versatile and hardy enough to survive outdoors as the crisp air sets in. What’s even better about these natural beauties? They’re inexpensive, too! Surely, you’ve already noticed a couple two-for-one deals on mums at your local grocer. They look great indoors or outside and will quickly add bright fall hues to your home. So, next time you’re at the store, don’t be bashful; bring fall to your home with some mums!

Go Farm Fresh

From flowers and leaves to pumpkins, gourds, cornstalks and more, Mother Nature is practically begging you to harvest her goods for your home! Fully embrace the fall season by visiting a local farm and stocking up on some of those natural elements for your home décor. If you’re not such a fan bright orange pumpkins or white and green gourds, paint them to match your home’s colors. You’ll still be adding an inexpensive and irresistible touch of fall.

Step Outside

Don’t feel like traveling to the store or a local farm to bring fall into your home? Just take a walk outside! Collect brightly colored leaves from your own back yard. They’re obviously free and you can use leaves for everything from making wreathes to filling vases. Dry, press and frame fall leaves to add instant autumn décor inside your home for free!

Get Crafty

It’s not too difficult to find old pallets or crates that may be perfect for giving your home a rustic look for fall. Reclaim the rights to let these inexpensive pieces of wood shine for the fall by stenciling your favorite fall phrases on a few slats and hanging them around your home. Think of the fall things you love and let them fill your home; “harvests, hayrides, family and thanks” are just a few of our favorites. Grab a stencil and get creative!

Use Freebies

Having a hard time coming up with your own cutesy slogans for fall even after scouring your favorite Pinterest boards? Use freebies that you can find and print online! Update the picture frames around your home for the fall season by adding free, printable fall designs.

See how easy it is to spice up your home’s fall décor on a budget? Using a few of these tips, you may even have enough money left over to splurge on that pumpkin-spiced latte a few times throughout the fall season!