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Festive & Frightening! 3 Unique Halloween Decor Ideas!

Festive & Frightening! 3 Unique Halloween Decor Ideas!

It’s easy to let Halloween slide by without sprucing up your home with some seasonal spooky décor. Here are a few easy tips to create a more original feel around your home when it comes to decorating for Halloween.

Think Outside the Box… or Pumpkin

Rather than spending lots of time creating a messy and, often, boring traditional Jack O’ Lantern, try out these two unique ways to decorate with your home with pumpkins.

Leaf it to the Pumpkin

This leaf-covered pumpkin is perfect for the entire autumn season! Here’s how you can create this one-of-a-kind piece.

  1. Paint your pumpkin – don’t be afraid to get creative with the color! White, green, blue… whatever you hue you desire!
  2. Gather leaves right from your backyard or make paper cut-outs that compliment your pumpkin’s shape.
  3. Cover decoupage or Mod Podge on the back of your leaves and place them on to your pumpkin.

Monster Mash

Looking for a scarier pumpkin?  Create a mummified monstrosity! It’s easy… all you will need two googly eyes, a little Mod Podge, and three yards of cheesecloth.

  1. First, glue the two googly eyes onto your pumpkin.
  2. Next, cut the cheesecloth is various lengths and shapes.
  3. Finally, soak the cloth into the Mod Podge and wrap strategically around your pumpkin.

After it dries, your masterpiece is complete!



Light Up the Night


To compliment with your cornstalk and hay bale display on the front porch, here’s another unique way to make your pumpkin pop. With a drill and a few tea lights, you’ll put a new twist on pumpkin carving that will make the whole neighborhood take a second look.

Here’s how:

  1. Pick out the perfect pumpkin
  2. Draw a dot design onto your pumpkin using a permanent marker.
  3. Using extra caution, drill holes where you have marked the dots.
  4. For the final touches, either add a tea light or string Christmas lights throughout your pumpkin to make it stand out.



If the Broom Fits…Ride It!

Create a spell-bounding home by adding a witch’s broom to your decor?  All you’ll need are: 1 large wooden stick, a bundle of smaller twigs and sticks, hemp string and wire, black spray paint, glitter and a little hocus pocus!

  1. First, tie together the smaller sticks and twigs into bundles using the string and wire.
  2. Take your large wooden stick and tightly attach the smaller bundles around the large stick.
  3. Lightly spray the whole broom with black spray paint. Covering it solid or leaving some of the natural wood show through.
  4. Drizzle glitter onto the wet paint for a little extra enchantment

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