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Could 2021 Be the Year for a Career Change?

Could 2021 Be the Year for a Career Change?

With the new year upon us, it might be a good year to evaluate your career and maybe set some new resolutions! Do you have your sights set on a professional move this year?  If making a career change is on your to-do list for 2021, we can think of more than a few reasons why the real estate industry could be the move for you! 


1. You are your own boss: If working from home this year has really worked for you, but you don’t have that flexibility in your current 9–5, real estate might be the right career for you!  When you’re a real estate agent, you can work from your home office on a regular basis. Yes, you’ll be showing homes and helping buyers and sellers in other ways, but there is no one to tell you that you need to be in a designated office space every day you’re on the job as an agent.


2. You can set your own hours: Not only can you work from home when you have a career in real estate, but you also are able to determine your daily work schedule. You’ll schedule showings and open houses during various hours of the day or on the weekends. As a real estate professional, you won’t need to worry about a designated start and end time!


3. You get to meet new people: One of the most significant advantages of getting a real estate license is that you get the opportunity to meet people you would never ordinarily be able to meet. A career in real estate is the perfect opportunity for being social and making new connections along the way.  In real estate, networking is a crucial part of becoming successful and making more money. Networking can be thought of as the art and science of meeting people and building relationships.


4. You are helping someone with every transaction you make: If your current career is not fulfilling you the way you’d once hope for, maybe switch to a career where it feels like we’re helping to make a difference? Helping someone buy or sell a home means helping them make what is potentially the biggest transaction of their lives. Being a part of that is not something to minimize. As a real estate professional, you are destined to impact each client you work with and are able to make a lifelong dream come true!

5. You don’t need years of schooling to be an expert: For many professional positions, a four-year degree is required, and some professions require even more schooling. The real estate industry does not require a bachelor’s degree, just 120 hours of pre-real estate classes. There are a few required courses for real estate professionals, a licensure exam and a wealth of on-the-job experience. And, let’s not forget about that unlimited opportunity for success despite any amount of schooling!

Lastly, one of the most exciting aspects of the real estate industry is the opportunity to continue learning and progressing as you advance in your career.  Whether you are fresh out of college or mid-way through your career it’s never too late to make a switch to real estate! 

If you are interested in learning more about how to become an agent, visit our career page!