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Celebrate Earth Day the Easy Way: Five Green Ideas for Your Home

Celebrate Earth Day the Easy Way: Five Green Ideas for Your Home

Earth Day is today and you don’t have to install expensive solar panels on your home or buy the most high-end, energy-efficient appliances to do your part to protect the environment. Instead, there are some easy ways that you and your family can lessen your footprint on the earth at home every day.

Here are five easy ways to go green at home!

1. Install a Programmable Thermostat

We’ve said it time and time again, but if you still have not invested in a programmable thermostat, you’re not only costing the environment, but you’re also costing yourself! Simply put, there is no sense in paying to heat or cool your home when you’re not there. So, while the family is a work or school or even when everyone’s asleep, you can prevent your HVAC system from running nonstop by installing a programmable thermostat. Obviously, you’ll be expending less energy and while you may not notice change on a night-by-night basis, you will see the savings when your utility bills roll in! Install your programmable thermostat this Earth Day and see the savings next month!

2. Switch to CFL or LED Light Bulbs

This is another easy green initiative that also ends up being cost-effective. Traditional incandescent light bulbs are not the only bulbs on store shelves these days… and, for good reason. Both newer CFL and LED bulbs last longer and are more energy efficient than standard options. Though at purchase price, it may seem that incandescent bulbs are the most cost-effective option, their shorter lifespan actually makes them the least cost-effective lighting choice, not to mention they use far more energy than CFL and LED bulbs. Maybe it’s time to make the switch in your home this Earth Day?

3. Go Low-Flow

Surprised to find that you actually can save money by going green at home? Then, listen to this flow! Changing your shower heads, faucets and toilets from standard to low-flow options is an awesome way to conserve water and, you guessed it, save money at the same time! If you’re worried about upfront costs here, experts suggest that the savings you’ll see in your water bill will help you recoup the expense in just a few months! So, make this Earth Day  the day you install some low-flow, water-conserving fixtures at home! 

4. Enhance Your Home’s Natural Décor

Yes, you can even take “going green” the literal way. Pick up a few plants that you can decoratively place around your home and let them do all the work! Not only will they help to produce fresher, cleaner air for your house, but they will also add instant, natural appeal. Make this Earth Day a win-win situation for you and Mother Nature by selecting a few green options for your home!

5. Recycle!

Seriously, you’re NOT doing this yet?! From the aluminum cans, glass jars and plastic bottles we regularly purchase to our newspapers, product packaging and junk mail, so much waste from our homes is recyclable. Unfortunately, if you don’t take action to recycle those materials, they become just that… waste. This Earth Day, make it fun by involving the whole family - reduce, reuse and recycle!

Whether you choose one of all of these green initiatives for your home – why not take a little initiative to protect Mother Nature this Earth Day? She may even reward with you with some savings!