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5 Ways to Fall Back in Love with your Home this Valentine’s Day

5 Ways to Fall Back in Love with your Home this Valentine’s Day

It is probably easy to remember the way you felt when you first saw her… that certain characteristic that caught your eye… the one feature that you simply could not resist. Yep, she was perfect and you just knew that she was the one.

But, now that some time has passed, she’s starting to bare her true colors and they’re just not what you had bargained for. You may even find yourself nitpicking little things about her. Could you be falling out of love… with your home?

This Valentine’s Day, we’re playing Cupid in hopes of helping you turn your eyes back toward the home that once had stolen your heart.

Here are five tips to help you fall back in love with your home today:

1. Put in Some Work

Hey, no one ever said that true love didn’t require some hard work. If you’ve fallen out of love with your home, you may need to shoulder some of the responsibility and recognize that it is up to you to do a little sprucing up! In fact, you may be amazed how easily you fall back in love with your home once you do a little cleaning, decluttering and organizing to rid yourself of some of the items that are getting in the way of seeing your home’s true beauty!

2. Buy Her a Few New Things

When you first moved into your home, you probably made a few immediate upgrades. You know, adding a backsplash, putting up some crown molding and, of course, painting. You may not have as much ambition now as you did when you first moved in, but making an upgrade or two could change your home’s total appeal for you!

You can start by picking the room that you most detest! Give it a facelift by adding one of the year’s hottest paint colors. If you’ve fallen out of love with your kitchen cabinets, paint them or simply change the hardware! Lavishing your home with a few small gifts may add all the appeal you need!

3. Accent Her Best Features

Did you ever stop to think that maybe it is not your home that you hate so much, but possibly what you’re filling it with? Give your home a fresh face by altering your accent pieces! Go with brightly-colored curtains, pick out a new comforter or switch up furniture décor with new accent pillows. Some subtle changes to your home’s features may be enough to woo you once again!

4. Lighten Up!

Perhaps one reason that you’ve fallen out of love with your home is that you simply are unable to see all of the reasons that you fell in love with her in the first place. Give yourself a new perspective on your home by adding some light to your situation. Open the blinds a little more or add some extra mirrors to reflect your home’s true beauty. Maybe you’ve simply forgotten some of your favorite features, because you cannot clearly see them.

5. Get Some Fresh Air

If you’re still looking for reasons to fall back in love with your home, you may just need to take a deep breath. So, after you’ve opened up some blinds to let in more light, crack open a window or two as well. Allow some fresh air to move through your home and those sweet scents that first attracted you may have you feeling a little sweeter on your home, too.

Are you getting into the spirit of the season and falling back in love with your home this Valentine’s Day? If you still find yourself a little unfulfilled when it comes to your home, maybe it is time to find a new soulmate! Start searching homes for sale now.