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5 New Homeowner Freedoms No One Should Celebrate

5 New Homeowner Freedoms No One Should Celebrate


Just after celebrating our nation’s independence, it is time to take a look at one of those long-sought-after pieces of the American Dream… home ownership! Once you receive that set of keys that welcomes ever new homeowner to that part of the dream, you’re free to do whatever you’d like, right?

Eh… not so fast. Technically, yes, home ownership comes with a sort of celebrated freedom of choice around your home. But, as a new homeowner, it is important to not let that new-found freedom turn into new homeowner mistakes.

Though we all just got done celebrating our independence on the fourth, here are five new homeowner freedoms to avoid:

Waiving the Home Inspection

This freedom is one that should never… ever… be celebrated. Frankly, there is no good time or reason for skipping a home inspection. Maybe it’s naivety or an attempt to hurry to closing, but some new homeowners may believe that their new home looks so good that nothing could possibly be structurally wrong with it. Let a home inspector determine if that is true.

The reality of home ownership is that once you sign on the dotted line, any new-found issues you come across are your responsibility. A home inspection during the closing process may cost a small upfront fee, but it can save thousands of dollars down the road.  

Not Sweating the Small Stuff

Once a new homeowner is in and getting settled, little things like a leaky faucet or a drafty window may seem like non-issues, particularly for a new homeowner who is working on painting walls, putting up window treatments and finding just the right piece for that corner… oh, you know where.

Unfortunately, a drip here and a draft there can make an immediate impact on utility bills, which can put a damper on all of that decorating fun. What’s even worse is those little non-issues could persist into bigger problems if not addressed right away.


Thanks to our favorite friend and foe, Pinterest, do-it-yourself home projects remain very popular these days. As a new homeowner, it is easy to find the motivation to want to D-I-Y every corner of your new home. Sure, D-I-Y decorating is great way to personalize your new home and it is usually more cost-effective than purchasing expensive home décor from a trendy retailer; but, when it comes to some home maintenance issues, doing-it-yourself is a major D-I-Don’t!

Particularly when it comes to plumbing and electrical fixes, it is best for homeowners just to call in a professional. For these kinds of home issues, D-I-Y can be dangerous and costly.

Remodeling Right Away

Along those same D-I-Y lines, many new homeowners may want to dive right into making their new homes their own. Some see the best way to do that as beginning a major remodeling project. However, seasoned home owners may advise new homeowners that it is best to put major renovation projects on hold… at least for a little while after first moving in.

After all, the home that you saw so much potential in may have more potential than you thought. It is often best to live in a home for a while before beginning the demolishing/overhauling process.  

Not Sparking an Interest in Fire Safety

Of course, everyone always thinks “it can’t happen to me”… until it does. And, when it comes to fire safety around your new home, you never can be too safe. For new homeowners, and for every homeowner for that matter, fire safety should be a top priority. That means you should have an abundance of fire extinguishers throughout your home and you should be regularly replacing the batteries in your smoke alarms. Finally, you should also have a practiced escape plan that each of your family members has committed to memory.

Without a doubt, home ownership is a celebrated part of the American Dream that everyone is free to enjoy. But, enjoying the freedom that comes along with new home ownership doesn’t have to mean making some common new homeowner mistakes as you’re getting settled.

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