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Boldly Brave Black Friday Crowds for These Five Home Deals!

Boldly Brave Black Friday Crowds for These Five Home Deals!

Whether you’re building a home, you’ve just moved into a new home or your home is in need of a few upgrades, the year’s busiest shopping season could be your ticket to striking a great deal on appliances, home technology and more.

Of course, some people find shopping on Black Friday and during the holiday season in general, just altogether annoying. So, we’ve compiled a list of a few home deals that may just make braving Black Friday crowds worth the inevitable headache:

1. Large Appliances: If you’re in the market for a kitchen remodel that includes everything from your refrigerator to your stove and dishwasher or your washer and dryer are in need of their own new cycle, the holiday season (and Black Friday in particular) is the perfect time to strike a deal. While savvy talkers are often able to knock a few hundred dollars off their large appliance purchases year round, big box retailers like Home Depot, Lowe’s and Sears are setting their seasonal prices at already deep discounts.

2. Small Appliances: OK, so maybe you’ve got all the large appliances in your home covered already, but you have been toying with the idea of spoiling yourself with a fancy new vacuum cleaner – handheld or robotic – coffee pot, toaster or blender. Yep, Black Friday sales may be your ticket to upgrading to that one you’ve been eyeing that so happens to be just out of your typical price range. Retailers like Walmart, Target and Amazon may have double-digit savings you can’t refuse this holiday shopping season.

3. Smart Technology: In ongoing efforts to maximize monthly utility savings while minimizing overall impacts on Mother Nature, many of today’s homeowners can’t get enough smart technology in their homes. This holiday season is the time to go smart – then, go home! Gadgets like programmable thermostats, smart hubs, lights and more will be offered at retailers from Best Buy to Target to Amazon at a fraction of regular prices.

4. Security: As a homeowner, home safety is likely on your mind all year round; but, it always seems particularly important around the busy holiday season. Whether you’re in the market for a security camera system or you’re interested in signing on with a private security solutions company, Black Friday seems to offer the best deals in home protection services.

5. Entertainment: Once you’ve crossed off the appliances that will help you cook and clean as well as the other items that may help you save some money or secure your home, it is time to scope out the latest technology in home entertainment, right? Of course, TVs are at the top of big box retailers’ lists when it comes to cutting prices every holiday season. But, be sure to check out Amazon, Target, Walmart and more for big breaks on computers, tablets, and game systems, too.

As much as we’d like to say that the headaches that can accompany Black Friday shopping are enough to avoid stores until the New Year, if you’re shopping for your home around the holiday season, it may be easy to spot a deal that you simply can’t ignore! So, whether you’re looking in stores or online as the holidays approach, keep your eyes peeled for around-the-house savings you’ll want to take home!

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