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4 Tips for Saving Money at Home

4 Tips for Saving Money at Home

Winter is fast approaching, which for many homeowners means the annual stretch of the year characterized by higher monthly energy bills as the heat is turned up. However, it is possible to cut into those payments each month by "greening" up your home, and as a result, cutting your energy usage.

By cutting into your electricity usage and making the heating of your home more efficient, you can reduce monthly energy bills and save money through a season that is typically characterized by increased monthly payments as a result of falling temperatures. Every tiny change that cuts even 1 or 2 percent off of your monthly energy costs is useful. For home sellers, some of these changes may make their homes stand out from other properties on real estate listings as well. Below are a few of the ways that you can save by going green this winter:

1. Light up your home more efficiently
A significant portion of your monthly energy costs go to lighting your home if you're not already taking advantage of energy-efficient bulbs. Light emitting diode and compact fluorescent lamp bulbs use much less energy than the standard incandescent variety. Additionally, they last much longer. Another bonus is that some utility companies offer programs that will allow you to get these bulbs for free or at a discount. 

2. Give the thermostat a break
Cranking up the thermostat as it gets colder may make your home feel more comfortable, but it is also an expensive way to stay warm through the winter. For example, try layering up with sweatshirts during the day and blankets at night to protect yourself from the cold. Another solution may be a programmable thermostat that can lower the temperature when no one is home, which will cut down on monthly energy usage substantially. 

3. Look into low-flow
Cutting your water usage will also help you save monthly, and one way to do that is to install low-flow showerheads and toilets. A low-flow showerhead will also reduce your energy bill, since it won't put nearly as much strain on your home's water heater. Toilets, meanwhile, are the main source of water usage in most homes. A low-flow toilet will put a significant dent in your home's monthly water usage, helping you go green and save money. 

4. Look into energy- and water-efficient appliances
Look into replacing appliances in your home with Energy Star-labeled appliances, which will cut down your monthly energy and water bills substantially. These appliances may also be attractive to buyers if you put your home on the real estate market. Additionally, rebate programs may cut the cost of these appliances, which will help with saving money now in addition to down the road. 

Taking steps such as those listed above can go a long way toward "greening" up a home and reducing monthly energy bills. When the temperatures begin dropping, these green changes can be especially helpful during a season when homeowners are often scraping together extra funds to pay for the typically higher heating costs. 

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