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4 Quick Fixes for a Boring Bathroom

4 Quick Fixes for a Boring Bathroom

Are you tired of looking at the same, uninspired decor when you walk into your bathroom? Many homeowners underestimate the importance of creating a vibrant, attract bathroom. Since it's used as a communal area like the living room or dining room, decorating it gets placed on the back burner. Unfortunately, this leads to a bland, uninspired atmosphere that does your home no justice. If this sounds familiar, keep reading to learn 4 quick fixes for a boring bathroom.


#1 – Clean It Up

The first step in creating an attractive, more vibrant bathroom is to clean it up a bit. Over time, the high humidity in bathrooms will lead to soap scum and mildew. Check the shower door, curtains and tile for mildew such as this. If you happen to find any (which you probably will), spray it down with a solution of half vinegar and half warm water. It may smell funny at first, but diluted vinegar will make easy work of even the dirtiest bathroom. And besides, the vinegar smell will dissipate once it dries.

In addition to cleaning any mildew and soap scum up, you should also consider adding more storage space to your bathroom. A “space saver” is a versatile storage solution that fits right over the toilet. Most people allow this area to go unused, but a space saver will turn it into a decorative and fully functional storage shelving system.


#2 – Add More Light

Proper lighting is essential for an attractive bathroom decor. Don't just rely on a basic overhead fixture, but instead consider using some other form of supplemental lighting. Perhaps you can install a strip of track lighting or a couple wall sconces in your bathroom. The subtle touch this adds to the decor will prove to be well worth the investment. Alternatively, you can always place a floor lamp in an empty corner of the bathroom as well.


#3 – Paint The Walls

Of course, the most effective solution for a boring bathroom is to paint the walls. If the walls currently feature a dark, gloomy color, you can instantly turn the atmosphere around by painting over them with a brighter color. The mood in a bathroom, or any other part of the home, is defined by the color palette. You can use this to your advantage by painting the bathroom walls a bright and vibrant color. Warm colors such as light blue, yellow, green or amber will open the atmosphere up while creating a sense of relaxation.

#4 – Accessorize

To really create an attractive bathroom decor, you must accessorize it appropriately. Scented candles, houseplants, photos, and glass vases are just a few of the many accessories that work well in bathrooms. To really beat a boring bathroom, try to mimic the decor to that of a professional spa. It's not uncommon to find relaxing accessories like polished stones and artwork in a spa, so try to recreate this in your bathroom. A lot of your guests will love this as well!