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4 Energy-Efficient Ways Homeowners Can Reduce Operating Costs


4 Energy-Efficient Ways Homeowners Can Reduce Operating Costs

Did you just purchase a new home? Looking to make a few updates to the existing property? There are a number of effective improvement projects that can be undertaken in order to boost a home's cosmetic appeal and overall functionality. However, the best upgrades that homeowners make are typically those that focus on enhancing the property's degree of energy-efficiency.

If you're hoping to reduce your home's carbon footprint - as well as the size of your monthly utility bills - you might want to consider making the following four improvements, as they are among the most energy-efficient projects.

1 - Install multiple skylights
Is your home's interior dark? Do you often find yourself turning lights on during the day? If so, the inclusion of a few skylights may help to enhance the sense of comfort you regularly enjoy, while cutting the amount of electricity you routinely use, according to Better Homes and Gardens. This update brings loads of natural light into your home's living areas, and can even add a new aesthetic to the interior design schemes that you've chosen to decorate the spaces with. Though they may cost a lot up front - they cost next to nothing to maintain.

2 - Feature low-flow fixtures in bathrooms
Next to the master bedroom and kitchen, the living area you likely spend most of your time in is your bathroom. For this reason, it would be wise to upgrade this space with a few energy-efficient updates. According to HGTV, standard toilets use an average of seven gallons of water per flush, however, low-flow alternatives use just a fraction of that amount. This decreases the strain you put on your home's internal systems and can significantly shrink utility costs.

3 - Use bright paint colors
A great way to brighten a room without cutting holes in its ceiling is through the use of vibrant paint colors. Brighter hues serve to reflect more illumination, often making the space appear larger and lighter - thereby reducing the need for light bulbs with a high-wattage. In addition to cutting your electricity bills, if you choose to use a bright color of environmentally friendly paint, you can rest assured your friends' and family's health won't ever be adversely affected.

4 - Install a programmable thermostat
Ever forgotten to turn the heat or air-conditioning down before leaving the house? Were you forced to pay for the mistake - literally - on your following utility bill? You can make certain this will never happen again by installing a programmable thermostat, which could save you upwards of $100 a year, Better Homes and Gardens reported. The best part? You can ensure you never have to wake up cold during another winter or come home to a sweltering house in the summertime. Some models even allow you to make changes from your smartphone.


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